For most, the end of October means one thing: Halloween. However, for the cat lovers among us, it also brings National Cat Day on the 29th, a day meant to celebrate and commemorate our furry feline friends. Whether they’re fiercely independent and stubborn, zany and energetic, or hamming it up for some great photos, every cat owner knows just how much their furbabies can brighten up their days.


In order to help kickstart some National Cat Day festivities, we reached out to a few of our favorite cat owners to see what makes their cat so special and how they planned on celebrating the day.


Our Daily Craft


Sarah of Our Daily Craft has had her cat, Mr. Bean, for fifteen years. Because taking care of an older cat can be a bit more complicated than a kitten or younger cat, within her post she chose to highlight the important steps she takes to ensure that Mr. Bean is happy and healthy no matter what. Among other great tips, she suggests keeping up with vet visits, taking plenty of photos, and giving your furry friend as much love as you can.  You can find the rest of her care tips here.


Drugstore Divas


Lisa of Drugstore Divas and her cat, Totes McGotes, chose to use National Cat Day to honor another special cat in their lives, their aunt Sox. In addition, she also gives a lot of great ideas for those looking to surprise the cat lover in their life with a special gift. Some of her creative ideas include a hilarious book of poetry written from a cat’s perspective, a cat-inspired sock set, cat-shaped pasta, and of course our personalized accent throw pillow!  You can find Lisa’s full list of great gifts for cat lovers here.


Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries & Meows


Melissa of Mochas, Mysteries, and Meows reminds us all of the origins of National Cat Day with her post: raising awareness for the cats that need to be rescued from shelters and given a loving home. This is an important issue to her for a very special reason- her cat, Mudpie, was rescued from a shelter last year. Melissa goes on to share how Mudpie has grown from a shy cat into the friendly, cuddly cat that she is today.  You can find Melissa’s adoption story here.


Julie is Coco and Cocoa


Julie of Julie is Coco and Cocoa isn’t alone in loving cats – it’s a love that she shares with her two sisters. From their first cat in high school, Hunter, to her current cats Ranger and Coco, and her sisters’ cats Hobbes and Branson, each one is loved and cherished. She provides us with a great list of DIY cat toys that cat owners can make to help spoil their cats even more than normal, such as no-sew toy knots, cat toe shoes, and a cardboard ring ball.  You can find instructions to these great craft ideas on her post here.