At Personal Creations, we believe the most genuine, authentic way to celebrate and show gratitude is through personal and thoughtful gestures. There’s nothing quite as personal as a photograph — a way to make a memory live on forever.

Photographers are privileged with the truly special task of capturing our most precious memories while remaining unseen. Here are a few of these moments, caught by some of our favorite photographers:

“Photography gives me a creative outlet to explore the world, and my personal connection to it. From grand landscapes, to intimate scenes, discovering what the natural world has to offer is thrilling, inspiring, and enlightening.” – Floris van Breugel

Albert Palmer wedding photography

“That’s what it’s all about. Love stories. Weddings are the greatest celebration and there’s nothing better to photograph. Creating these images means everything to me. It is my world and I see it as a huge honour.” – Albert Palmer Photography

Jason Gina Wedding photography

“We love wedding photography because it gives us the ability to enjoy something we’re absolutely passionate about – the outdoors. We specialize in outdoor weddings for active-lifestyle couples, and love to photograph incredible people in the most beautiful places in the world.” – Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers

What are some other special moments that you’ve captured? Share them below!