Photobooth props

Want a quick and easy way to make your next get-together a hit with your guests (regardless of their ages)? Try out our set of free printable photo booth props, and set up your own photo booth at your next party. With just a little bit of effort, a tucked away corner of your home, and a camera, your DIY photo booth will yield unlimited fun for all!

Photo Booth Set-Up

Simply print the whole suite of printables, or only the ones you want to use. Use a nice heavy cardstock to keep them from being too flimsy. Once you’ve printed them, cut out the individual shapes, and glue or tape a dowel or skewer to each piece.

Set up your photo booth area by choosing a wall without any artwork or windows to clutter the background. If you are feeling really ambitious, you can even make your own photo booth backdrop by hanging a patterned piece of fabric or sheet behind the intended area.

You’ll want to set up a camera on a tripod with a timer, or have a designated photo booth photographer ready to take the shots. Either way, you’re sure to capture a few unexpected hams!

Once everything is ready just let your guests know that you’ve set up the photo booth and let the fun unfold. The props are reusable, so you can always make a photo booth a consistent perk of coming to a party at your place.

Click on the props below to download the full collection!

props collage

photoboth dog bomb