Traditionally, when the newlyweds are leaving their reception at the end of the festivities, rice is thrown to send them on their way. But as weddings become more modern and personalized, couples are opting for more creative wedding send-off ideas. Not only that, but it’s becoming common to see a toss moment after the couple takes their first steps as husband and wife, when the newlyweds leave the ceremony or even as they walk up the aisle!

Whether you are having a beach wedding, traditional church venue or are getting married in the backyard, we have the wedding send-off idea for you. By offering your guests fun wedding send-off props such as glow sticks or flower petals, this will be a fun day for both you and your guests! Read below to find the wedding send-off idea that’s right for you.

Floral Wedding Send-Off Ideas

A floral wedding send-off is ideal for the ultimate romantics. Flowers are more eco-friendly than other send-off ideas, and make for beautiful photos. This classic wedding send-off can be personalized to fit your style and is incredibly affordable. Choose a flower that symbolizes your love and is in bloom depending on the season.

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1. Dried Flower Cones: You and your wedding party can have fun DIY-ing these paper cones before your big day. Fill them with colorful dried flowers for a vibrant send-off. 

2. One-of-a-Kind Flower Petals: Add a spin to the traditional flower petals by asking your guests to bring petals that symbolize you and your spouse.

3. Detail-Oriented: If you love subtle details, match the send-off petals to the groom’s boutonniere and bride’s bouquet. The cohesiveness symbolizes the unity of your marriage.

4. Fragrant Send-Off: For those looking for a non-traditional send-off, lavender is an excellent choice. Fill the air with a blissful aroma without hurting the environment.

5. Throwback: Use a Polaroid camera to capture your floral send-off. The vintage feel adds a hint of elegance from the past.

Luminous Wedding Send-Off Ideas

Light up your wedding night with these luminous wedding send-off ideas. These are quintessential for a late afternoon or early evening ceremony. When it’s time to head out, you and your other half can embrace the night sky with paper lanterns or glow sticks.

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6. Incandescence: Your guests can send lanterns into the night to create a send-off fit for a movie. The breathtaking scene is the perfect romantic end to your ceremony.

7. More Glow: You won’t be the only one who’s radiant after you arm your guests with glow sticks. Choose your favorite color or mix and match for a chromatic experience.

8. Sparklers: Sparklers are fun for the 4th of July and New Year’s, but they can also make a great addition to your wedding send-off. If your wedding venue doesn’t allow them, use glow sticks as a substitute.

Playful Wedding Send-Off Ideas

If the two of you are constantly laughing and love embracing your inner child, these playful ideas can be a great addition to your wedding. From colorful streamers to silly string, your wedding exit will be a send-off you and your guests will never forget!

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9. Tangled in Ribbon: Provide multi-colored ribbons so your guests can give you a fairytale send-off.

10. No-Mess: Ribbons are bright, lively, and easy to clean up. If your wedding venue prohibits throwing material, consider using ribbons on your big day.

11. Personalized Ribbons: Add personal flair by stamping you and your partner’s initials on the ribbon.

12. Jokesters: Tap into your goofy side with silly string. The picture of you and your partner caught in a hued web of string will be priceless.

Party Supplies Send-Off Ideas

The two of you are the life of the party. You love to have a good time and make sure your guests are doing just the same. Incorporate unique party supplies, like beach balls and balloons, for endless fun throughout your special day. Use these send-off ideas for mid to late afternoon weddings for beautiful camera lighting.

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13. Beach Vibes: Throw in some beach balls to your beach wedding for a fun-loving touch. They’re also an entertaining addition to the dance floor at the reception.

14. Cloud Nine: Symbolize your free spirit and happiness with paper planes; weightless and soaring, just like you on the big day.

15. The Spark: Represent the energy and warmth between you and your partner with sparklers. Your love started as a small spark and grew into a constant flame.

16. Balloons: Who says balloons are just for kids? They also make for a perfect send-off. Pick a variety of colors for a rainbow effect.

17. My Bubbles: An even easier clean up than the ribbons, bubbles are a unique choice for your exit. Give each guest a small bubble container or huge bubble wand.

Glam Wedding Send-Off Ideas

You love the glitz and glam. Why not incorporate this into your wedding send-off? Consider glitter or fake snow that guests can throw in the air as you make your first steps toward a happily ever after!

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18. Glamorous: Live an unforgettable moment of stardom as glitter shimmers around you. Reflected by the sun or illuminated in the night, glitter is very versatile.

19. Winter is Coming: Whether it’s winter or not, fake snow is a great addition to your wedding send-off. The bright white color matches any theme.

20. Funfetti: Confetti will rain down on you and your partner as guests use party poppers or throw it by the handfuls. It’s a good middle-ground between flower petals and glitter if you’re having trouble deciding.

Long live the newlyweds! When it comes to your wedding send-off, it’s your final exit, so make it count. Whether it’s balloons and confetti or floral petals that ignite an eternal romance, your wedding send-off should be unique to you and your other half. Consider planning your wedding send-off at your bridal shower. That way you have your girls’ support and can plan the perfect Insta-worthy exit!