As today’s couples get more creative with their nuptials, many are opting to avoid the traditional wedding guest book in favor of unique wedding guest book alternatives. Couples are creating interactive activities and personalized memorabilia to commemorate their love. These alternative wedding guest “books” are special objects that the newlyweds can display in their home as decor pieces, or items they can use on a daily basis!

Think fun ideas like a polaroid wall or a message in a bottle. Whether you are planning your wedding now or looking at wedding inspiration for the future, these wedding guest book alternatives are sure to add a little extra pizazz to your big day.


For a fun spin-off on a traditional guest book, provide guests with a Polaroid camera and ask them to take a photo of themselves. Ensure that your polaroid camera has plenty of film, and perhaps provide a few cameras if you have a large guest list. Then, have them mount their photos in a book or wooden board, and sign next to their photo.

These photos also double as a gift the bride and groom can take home! Embellish your photo area by incorporating a tablecloth or paper garland that fits your wedding theme. For more romance, add fairy lights or flowers to your photo area.

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Home Decor

A wedding guest book is amazing for right after the wedding, but past a few years, the fancy book can collect dust. While it can be a fun memory to hold on to for years, it’s much more fun to have a guest book that you can take home and use as decor. Try out a meaningful guest book idea like fingerprint art, or a message in a bottle that you can read on milestone anniversaries. Try to save one for 50 years!

You can also provide a canvas that guests can write messages on. Then later, you can hang it in the living room for all to see. A modern keepsake can have more significance to you and your partner, and is one less piece of decor you need to purchase later on.


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For the adventurous couple, consider a wedding guest book alternative related to your favorite hobbies. Maybe you two are diehard sports fans, or love to travel the globe. Your guest “book” can relate to your passions! If you two love to sleep in, consider a tray that guests can sign with a permanent marker. Nothing says love like breakfast in bed!

These alternatives are specific to you and your partner, so get creative with it and feel free to think outside the box. Rather than just having your wedding guest book, create an entire setup using a shelf or table, and add pictures of the two of you with decorations that match your theme.

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Today, a wedding guest book can be more than just pen and paper. The traditional guest book has transformed to match ever-changing wedding trends and preferences. While a simple guest book is still a great way to document the well-wishes of your wedding guests, these creative guest book alternatives can take personalized and unique to the next level.