A baby on the way is a very exciting time for everyone. There are plans to be made, rooms to decorate and doctors to visit. All of these things vary from country to country though, and some have very interesting traditions about pregnancy and the birth of a baby in general. A newborn is certainly celebrated the world over, but the way each country goes about that celebration is different.

We’ve compiled interesting facts, gift giving practices and procedures surrounding the birth from 16 different countries. Some are adorable, some might seem strange, but throughout them all the love directed towards parents-to-be and baby is readily apparent.


Unique Baby Traditions Around the World

It’s amazing how unique each country is in celebrating the birth of a child. But no matter the fashion of celebration, the adoration and love involved in such a great event is all-encompassing and uniting. What traditions or customs does your family have for newborn babies? Let us know on Facebook. And if you’re searching for a gift to bestow upon the happy mother and her baby, check out our gifts for babies!