Gift in hand

Even though the big holiday season is over, we are still (always) thinking about gifting. Life is one big celebration for us! With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, new babies arriving, and birthdays coming from all directions, the gift list never really ends. Of course we want to mark those special moments with gifts — amazing, unforgettable, meaningful gifts.

Giving great gifts is a natural talent for some people. We all have that one friend or person you know who just gets it right every time. She always seems to have “just a little something” for even the smallest occasion (hello, monogrammed mason jars for girl’s brunch date) and the perfect presents to celebrate birthdays, holidays and baby showers. She’s a total gifting guru.

But for those who need a little help on that path, we put our heads together and unanimously agreed that there are three essential elements to learn and live by. We call them The Three P’s of Great Gifting:

Pay Attention

The clues are out there.  In passing conversations, people freely share their wishes—you just have to listen closely and make note! Use your smartphone as your ongoing gift planner, then whenever a friend or family member casually mentions something they like, file it away in your phone. Keep a list in your Notes app or get familiar with apps like Evernote, SimpleNote or Cozi. The voice memo feature is another great spot for lists. Just press record, save it and voila. Picking up on these clues will quickly become second nature, then not only will your gift be thoughtful, but also the recipient is sure to love it. After all, they practically picked it out!


Adding a special touch like someone’s name, anniversary date, or a meaningful quote, can take any ordinary gift to another level. Doing this shows the person that you took the time to create something special. If a friend is newly married, give something engraved or monogrammed with her new initials or new last name. Kids love anything marked with their name to call their very own. Add names to fun kid gifts like stuffed animals, dolls, beach towels, sand toys. You get the idea. Personalizing also adds a hint of luxury, without the luxury price tag – bonus!


Now that you’ve put all this wonderful thought and effort into your gift, carry that through to the presentation.  Whether lavish and whimsical or simple and rustic, the wrapping completes the whole gifting experience. Even the simplest gifts become treasures when wrapped in a pretty package. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not even talking professional level giftwrapping here, either. A brightly colored gift bag. A repurposed piece of fabric tied with satin ribbon.  Brown craft paper, twine and some fresh flowers. The possibilities are endless for creating lovely presentation.

And one final element, maybe the most thoughtful detail to remember — include a handwritten note. In today’s crazy digital world, this very personal gesture goes a long way.

Above all, it really is the thought that counts. Gift giving isn’t supposed to be about pressure to give the perfect gift. The act of giving in itself is what matters most. What do you think? We always love to hear your tips and favorite ways to make gifting special. Please share!