Your anniversary is a chance to honor your spouse with a day just for the two of you, or a gift straight from the heart. But with anniversary traditions ranging from paper to steel and everything in between, it can be daunting to plan that special day. Although it can be challenging to stay within the anniversary year theme, while still sending that romantic message, we’ve tried to take some of that guesswork out of it, and help you plan the perfect anniversary gift.

Our gift guide has suggestions for each year that are tailored to the recipient. Is your husband an adventurer, and it’s your 11th anniversary? Keep with the steel theme, and take him on a date to tour some of your state’s best steel roller coasters. Is your wife a romantic, and it’s your 5th anniversary? Win her over with a lovely keepsake box with your anniversary date carved into it.

Some of our suggestions are grand gestures that you might need to save up for, but others are simple but well-thought out homages to the year, the theme and your love.

Your anniversary is a time to reflect on love, whether that’s a well-planned date to an old haunt, or a personalized anniversary gift sure to become a treasured heirloom, we’ll help get you started in the right direction.

Anniversary Gift Guide

Hopefully our guide has given you some big picture ideas for future anniversary gifts. We want to hear from you! Do you follow the traditional gift themes or do you improvise? What’s been your favorite anniversary gift that you have given or received?