We don’t often dedicate an entire blog post to one of our products, but sometimes we like to turn the spotlight on certain items so they can show off their creative talents. Today, it’s time for The Puzzle of Life to shine. With its interlocking pieces, photo frames and space to fully customize the pieces, The Puzzle of Life is a truly unique way to tell your own unique story.

The Puzzle of Life

To show you some real-life ways people put their stories together, we asked five bloggers to share how they would incorporate our Puzzle of Life into their lives. The results were heartwarming, emotional and very creative.

A Powerful Message


East Coast Creative took the most unexpected approach in a very beautiful way as part of a design project for The Well – a residential home for women freed from human trafficking. With inspirational quotes and verses about value and worth, this wall art display will surely inspire hope for the women to which it’s dedicated.

Just The Beginning


We love the enthusiasm in this post from Happy Hour Projects who couldn’t decide on the perfect gallery wall idea until she saw The Puzzle of Life. She and her husband designed their story around their wedding, building it out to include their kids and leaving plenty of space for future pieces.

Grandparents’ Joy


The layout that Honeybear Lane chose for her display is both unique and meaningful, intentionally leaving some of the pieces loose in the puzzle to show it coming together. This gallery centers on the grandparents with pieces for each grandchild. We especially love how she personalized each child’s piece with three words to describe them. Such a sweet idea.

If These Walls Could Talk


Mad In Crafts designed a beautiful gallery with her mother, telling the story of the many homes the family had lived in over the years. The striking black and white combination is a perfect choice to highlight the black and white photos in each frame. They also customized pieces to mark the location of each home.

For The Cool Kids


How fun would it be to have a kids’ hangout room? And then to use this idea from Tater Tots & Jello for wall art! The room already had a “selfie” wall with a definition of the word, so our puzzle was added using the same theme and the definition for “sibling” along with pieces for each child with their name and birth year.

A very special thanks to all the bloggers who shared their amazing designs. We are definitely inspired and hope you are too! Share your Puzzle of Life ideas with us in the comments and spark even more fun and thoughtful ways to tell your own story.

If you’re ready to create your own Puzzle of Life gallery, get started here.