personalized dog bowlOwning a new puppy can be a simultaneously enjoyable and frustrating experience. While there are plenty of great times to be had with your pup – playing in the yard, going for long walks and curling up on the couch together – there are many of unglamorous responsibilities that go along with being a pet owner. During the first year with a new puppy, you’ll spend countless hours housebreaking, cleaning up messes, repairing scratch marks to furniture and making veterinary appointments.

As your puppy approaches its first birthday, you might want to plan a party with your immediate family to mark the occasion. This is a great opportunity to celebrate a year of ownership with some gifts for pets that are both fun and practical. Ideally, these birthday gifts will make your life easier as an owner and can be enjoyed for years to come as your puppy matures. Here are some tips to get started.

Invisible Fence
One of the biggest worries for any pet owner is that their pup will escape from the yard and become lost if not properly supervised. Even a few minutes outside to use the bathroom can have concerned owners scanning their property for signs of their dog. However, you may never need to worry about your puppy getting loose again with an invisible fence. This advanced device can be installed in any yard and creates an unseen barrier. When your dog walks too close to the fence, a special collar will produce a warning tone meant to push it back into the yard. If your pup wanders any closer to the barrier, a low level shock will remind it not to venture farther.

Even short haired dogs need to be groomed from time to time. If your puppy is looking a little scraggly around its birthday, consider making a special trip to the dog groomer for a refreshing bath and haircut. If you’re unsure about the best professional service in your area, ask friends or family members with pets for a recommendation. You should also have an idea of the approximate length and style you’d like for your puppy, so the groomer doesn’t cut too much or too little.

Chew Toys
After months of dealing with a teething puppy, it might be time to replace some of those worn out chew toys. Dogs love all sorts of playful objects like rubber balls, bones, squeaky toys and stuffed animals. You’ll also spare your furniture from unsightly claw and bite marks that occur as your puppy grows.

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