If you’re a mother, look away! This list of craft ideas is meant for dads and kids.

Perhaps you want to surprise Mom with a one-of-a-kind handmade gift on Mother’s Day, but you need some ideas to get started. Have no fear – we’ve rounded up a list of Mother’s Day crafts for kids you can choose from. Some of the ideas are easier, some will take more time, but you’re bound to find a project that Mom will love. Whether you’re a painter, a crafter, or none of the above, Mom will certainly love any one of these wonderful DIY gifts.

DIY Crayon Candle

candles made from crayons

The Pinning Mama has finally found a great use for the stubs of old crayons. Help your little ones follow these careful instructions to create a colorful candle for Mom. The best part is watching them choose which colors she’ll love most.

Mason Jar Picture Frame Vases

mason jar vases with picture frames

Dress up some old mason jars with this tutorial from Home Stories A to Z. Mom is always looking for the best ways to display photos of her kids, and these are colorful options that she’ll love.

Pop-Up Cards

pop-up papered cards

This tutorial requires some sophisticated cutting, but it can certainly be customized for your children to try themselves. Print out the template provided by One Dog Woof, and let your little artist go wild on a personalized message to their mommy.

Spring Cupcake Flowers

fake flowers made from cupcake liners

Ok, they’re not real cupcakes, but that doesn’t mean that paper flowers aren’t a super sweet gift from child to mom. Chances are, cupcake liners are already in your house, so this craft is easier than you think it is. Thanks to Momtastic for the great idea.

Tea Cup Cards

cards with 3-d tea cup

Have a tea-loving mom? In the Playroom cleverly takes old egg cartons to create this 3D Mother’s Day card. Kids will love personalizing these for their mommas.

Rainbow Butterfly Footprint Artwork

artwork with infant footprints

Footprint and handprint artwork is a customary Mother’s Day gift. Every mother will get her fair share. These rainbow butterfly pieces from Reality Daydream put a colorful spin on the tradition. All you need is the rainbow inkpad.

DIY Brooch

handmade brooch with pearls

For the more stylish kids, My White Idea suggests making mom a beautiful brooch. Whether she wears it as a pin or a scarf clip, Mom will be thrilled to show this off to her friends.

Hanging Floral Arrangement

paper hanging floral arrangement

Oh, the things kids can do with paper. Show your child how to carefully cut and fold to get to this final design by Crafts Unleashed. The plants can be real or fake, but the thought will be what blows Mom away.

String Art Thread and Milk Jug Necklace

necklace made from string and plastic milk jug

Every Mom loves getting jewelry for Mother’s Day. Have your tiny craft master tackle string art and jewelry-making using this easy tutorial from Pink Stripey Socks.

Mother’s Day Origami Card

mother's day card made with origami letters

Origami requires patience, and while that’s not a strength for most kids, there are most certainly kids out there who love to fold. Zakka Life proposes this origami card for Mother’s Day. Mom will love it, and kids will feel proud to hand it over.

Mother’s Day Suncatcher

homemade suncatcher

Darice shows us a more advanced craft for older kids in this suncatcher. It might take a bit more skill (or a bit more help from Dad), but it only makes a great present because it’s made with love for Mom.

Mother’s Day Bead Tray

tray made fro perler beads

Make Mom a catchall by following the instructions laid out by Tried and True. Perler beads make up this floral tray that’s perfect for her rings, earrings, or even hair ties.

Button Bookmarks

bookmarks with flower buttons

Is Mom a reader? Take a shot at this easy craft from Clare’s Little Tots. It won’t take much – popsicle sticks, stray buttons, and foam – but seeing your work pop out of Mom’s favorite novel? Worth it.

Hand Painted Mini Cactus

rocks painted as mini cactus

What if Mom loves plants, but has a hard time taking care of them? This faux plant from Salt and Pepper Moms will give her the beauty of a desk plant, without the responsibility to take care of it. Who knew rocks could pose as plants?

Heart Thumbprint Platter

platter decorated with heart thumbprints in paint

Add a personalized item to Mom’s china cabinet with this platter from Simply Kierste. You’ll need some red paint, but your thumbprint is the paintbrush for this classy Mother’s Day gift.

Kid-Made Terrariums

homemade terrariums

Get your hands dirty and build Mom a terrarium. Terrariums have exploded in popularity lately, and thanks to A Whimsicle Life, you can get in on the fun. It’s a perfect decoration for Mom’s office.

Patterned Notebook

notebook covered in origami paper

Here’s a simple craft that any mom who likes to take notes will love. The Sarah Johnson keeps it simple with a store-bought notebook and pretty origami paper. Pick a pattern you know Mom will love!

Handprint Coasters

coasters with painted handprints

Handprints on coasters make for this lasting Mother’s Day gift from Dwelling in Happiness. With these, anytime she sets down a drink, she’ll be reminded of her thoughtful kiddos.

Ombre Tassel Necklace

necklace made with colorful tassels

Give Mom something to show off with this funky yet beautiful tassel necklace. The folks at Homemade Banana know that the best gifts for some moms are the things she can show off to all her friends. Let Mom steal the spotlight with this fabulous piece.

Painted Rock Garden Markers

rocks painted as plant markers

For the moms with the green thumb, Crafts by Amanda suggests painting these rocks for her garden. Bust out your paints and put your own spin on these garden markers. Mom will love the color it brings to her plants.

DIY Soap Gift

soap shapes with imprints

Mazzi’s Blog suggests giving mom the spa treatment with these tiny handmade soap gifts. Choosing what to imprint on the soaps might be the hard part, but everything else required for this craft isn’t as hard as it looks.

Stenciled Tea Towels

tea towels painted with stencil designs

Take your paints to some tea towels for this homemade gift from Number 2 Pencil. You know Mom best, so choose a stencil you know she’ll love and get painting!

Mother’s Day Purse Card

card for mom shaped as a purse

Write a loving Mother’s Day note in this purse card from Craft Crawlers. Fit for any handbag lover, this card is your chance to create your custom purse design. Maybe one day it’ll be a real handbag.

Yarn-Wrapped Ombre Monogrammed Letter

monogram with ombre-colored yarn

Here’s a handmade piece that Mom will be excited to display. Pick yarn in her favorite color and wrap it around a store-bought letter using these instructions from Catch My Party. It could be the first letter of her name or her kids’ names, you be the judge.

Dandelion Fingerprint Art

fingerprint art on canvas

Mom It Forward gives us this tutorial for a piece of handmade art that’s easy and beautiful. Feel free to make this your own by adding more flowers, changing the color, or even adding some words.

Polaroid Magnets

pictures mounted to homemade magnets

Round up your mom’s favorite pictures and follow these steps laid out by Sundae Sins. It requires a bit more work than your average DIY project, but the end result will be one you’re proud to display on your refrigerator.

Dashes and Dots DIY Floral Mug

mugs painted in floral patterns

Present your mother with the perfect coffee cup by following this tutorial from I Love to Create. This is proof that you don’t need to be an amazing artist to make something beautiful. You can decorate this mug with nothing but dashes and dots and the end result will look like a professional did it.

Balsa Wood Planters

planters painted and made of balsa wood

Here’s another gift for the mother who loves plants. Bre Purposed shows us how easy it can be to paint wood in your mom’s favorite colors and apply tape for a stylish accent. It’ll look like you bought these designer planters.

Dark Chocolate Mother’s Day Bouquet

chocolates made into a bouquet

Nothing beats candy for Mother’s Day. Tikkido reminds us that sometimes the best flowers are the ones you can eat. Part craft, part candy assembly, this one is sure to please the sweet-tooth mom.

Mother’s Day Plates

handpainted plates

Use a plate as your canvas and paint Mom a work of art. This will last longer than any artwork on paper, and thanks to Mrs. Goff’s Kinders, Mom can enjoy eating off of these plates for years to come.

Easy Silhouette Art

silhouette cutouts mounted to paper

There might be a lot of steps to pull off this craft from Homemade Ginger, but the good news is that they aren’t hard. It’s simple, but beautiful, and Mom will be thrilled to hang up a silhouette of her child.

Vintage Button Bookmarks

bookmarks made with buttons and paperclips

My Sister’s Suitcase gives us bookmarks in a different style. If you know you have some vintage buttons lying around, you’re only a couple steps away from having a pretty gift for Mother’s Day.

DIY Dandelion Bouquet

tassel flowers made with a fork

Bren Did shows us that forks aren’t just for eating. A fork is actually the key tool in building this faux dandelion bouquet. What a stunning way to wish your mom a happy Mother’s Day.

Teacup Candles

homemade candles poured into teacups

While we don’t recommend using Mom’s vintage teacups for this DIY, if you’re willing to shop around for some, this homemade candle is the perfect Mother’s Day Gift. Budget Savvy Diva shows us how these classy candles add to any decor, and you won’t need to break the bank to make them.

Clay Hand Jewelry Holder

clay jewelry holder in the shape of a hand

Here’s a homemade gift that will have Mom in the palm of your hand, almost literally. Follow these instructions from My Creative Days to give Mom the perfect addition to her nightstand — something to hold her odds and ends that will always remind her of you.

Egg Carton Flowers

painted flowers made from egg cartons

Take an old egg carton and bust out the paints, because I Heart Arts n Crafts has a homemade craft for you. Hand Mom this bouquet with a handwritten note to show her how much you love her on Mother’s Day.

Black Pebble Trivets

easy trivets made with black pebbles

Does Mom spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Make her something she can put to good use with these easy trivets from Make It & Love It. Just add black pebbles to cork trivets with some glue and your mother will have brand new trivets.

Key Wind Chime

colored keys tied together to make a wind chime

Gather up unused keys, paint them in Mom’s favorite colors, and create a wind chime like the one on Inner Child Fun. It might be a tad unorthodox, but the finished product is fun to look at, and Mom will appreciate your homemade gift.

Decorated Golf Balls

golf balls decorated with marker and pen

While not the most glamorous of Mother’s Day gifts, if mom’s a golfer, she’ll enjoy your artwork on these golf balls. Laughing Kids Learn shows us how easy it is to grab some markers and present mom with personalized golf balls. She’ll be happy to tee off with these.

Flower Hair Barrettes

hair clips decorated with craft flowers

Here’s an easy craft that just requires supervised use of a glue gun. Domestically Speaking shows us just how adorable floral hair barrettes can be. Use barrettes you already have and go shopping for little flowers to gift mom with these pretty accessories.

Kitchen Chalkboard

clipboard transformed with chalkboard paint

It’s common sense to keep an ongoing grocery list close at hand. It’s Kitchen Decor 101! Anderson and Grant gives us an easy DIY project that any crafter young or old can make for mom.

Yarn-wrapped Hangers

hangers dressed up with colorful yarn

It’s no accident that this isn’t the first yarn project on the list. It’s one of the easiest materials for kids to work with. Take a tip from Little Green Notebook and steal some of Mom’s hangers to dress up with some pretty yarn.

Recycled Art Handmade Notebook

notebook made from recycled children's art

Artful Kids knows that sometimes the best gifts are re-gifts. Collect all of the old kids’ artwork in the house and bind together one of these adorable notebooks. Clean out some clutter and get a great gift at the same time.

DIY Kids’ Dreamcatcher

diy kids dreamcatcher
Jane Can Tap into Mom’s whimsical side with this colorful dreamcatcher. These instructions come courtesy of Jane Can, and they’re simple enough for kids of all ages to follow. Feel free to get creative with the beads, feathers, and charms that you add to it.

We hope that our list gave you some good ideas for Mother’s Day crafts that you can make. We tried to give you a mix of artwork and useful crafts, so if you can’t make up your mind, make two! In case you decide to purchase a gift instead, check out our section of gifts just for Mom.

What other type of handmade Mother’s Day crafts for kids have you made? Let us know in the comments below!