8 Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids 


Attention all dads and kids, this one’s for you! Moms, close your eyes, because we’re about to dive into a world of creative fun just for the family. 

Imagine the look of delight on Mom’s face when she receives a unique, handmade gift on Mother’s Day. If you’re on the hunt for crafty ideas to make her day extra special, you’re in the right place. Fear not, because we’ve put together a fantastic list of Mother’s Day crafts that kids of all ages can enjoy. Whether you’re an artist, a craft enthusiast, or none of the above, we’ve got something that will steal Mom’s heart. 

Now, we get it – not everyone has the time or knack for arts and crafts. If that sounds like you, don’t worry! Check out our Mother’s Day Collection, filled with personalized items that can add that extra personal touch to your gift. Making Mom’s day unforgettable has never been this easy and delightful 


Mason Jar Picture Frame Vases

mason jar vases with picture frames

Dress up some old mason jars with this tutorial from Home Stories A to Z. Mom is always looking for the best ways to display photos of her kids, and these are colorful options that she’ll love. 


Pop-Up Cards

pop-up papered cards

This tutorial requires some sophisticated cutting, but it can certainly be customized for your children to try themselves. Print out the template provided by One Dog Woof, and let your little artist go wild on a personalized message to their mommy. 

Rainbow Butterfly Footprint Artwork

artwork with infant footprints

Footprint and handprint artwork is a customary Mother’s Day gift. Every mother will get her fair share. These rainbow butterfly pieces from Reality Daydream put a colorful spin on the tradition. All you need is the rainbow inkpad. 

Oh, the things kids can do with paper. Show your child how to carefully cut and fold to get to this final design by Crafts Unleashed. The plants can be real or fake, but the thought will be what blows Mom away.


Mother’s Day Origami Card

mother's day card made with origami letters

Origami requires patience, and while that’s not a strength for most kids, there are most certainly kids out there who love to fold. Zakka Life proposes this origami card for Mother’s Day. Mom will love it, and kids will feel proud to hand it over. 


Monogrammed Letter

monogram with ombre-colored yarn

Here’s a handmade piece that Mom will be excited to display. Pick yarn in her favorite color and wrap it around a store-bought letter using these instructions from Catch My Party. It could be the first letter of her name or her kids’ names, you be the judge. 


Polaroid Magnets

pictures mounted to homemade magnets

Round up your mom’s favorite pictures and follow these steps laid out by Sundae Sins. It requires a bit more work than your average DIY project, but the end result will be one you’re proud to display on your refrigerator. 


Dashes and Dots DIY Floral Mug

mugs painted in floral patterns

Present your mother with the perfect coffee cup by following this tutorial from I Love to Create. This is proof that you don’t need to be an amazing artist to make something beautiful. You can decorate this mug with nothing but dashes and dots and the end result will look like a professional did it. 

Here’s another gift for the mother who loves plants. Bre Purposed shows us how easy it can be to paint wood in your mom’s favorite colors and apply tape for a stylish accent. It’ll look like you bought these designer planters.


Dark Chocolate Mother’s Day Bouquet

chocolates made into a bouquet

Nothing beats candy for Mother’s Day. Tikkido reminds us that sometimes the best flowers are the ones you can eat. Part craft, part candy assembly, this one is sure to please the sweet-tooth mom.