What were your parents like growing up? What kind of parent do you consider yourself to be? Being a mother or father is no easy task, and just like every child is different, so is every parent. Some like to take a more serious approach to raising a child, while others feel that some casual guidance works best. Whatever the approach, we know that every parent wants the best for their children!

With Father’s Day coming up soon, we want to celebrate all of the different parenting styles out there, especially the ones that make Mom and Dad unique. On the one hand, Mom is great at making sure her child is healthy and well-prepared to succeed. She’s good at getting to know the little details. On the other hand, Dad tends to be great at adding some much-needed fun and silliness to the every day. He knows that not everything has to be planned out to be perfect. The result is a great balance that makes their child’s life the best that it can be.

Check out these differences in Mom and Dad parenting styles and see if you can relate!

Of course, parenting roles vary from household to household. Maybe in your home, Dad is in charge of the healthy cooking and Mom likes to dress baby in silly outfits. Yet regardless of who does what, we know all parents are doing the best they can to keep their child happy and thriving. Being a Mom or Dad is a nonstop job that has no vacation days, so almost any parenting style is a good parenting style in our book! We want to celebrate all types of parents, and especially the dads this Father’s Day! So for all the fun times he’s created in your life, get dad something great.