Mothers are amazing. They have been there for the good times, the bad times and all the times in-between. They have watched us take our first steps, first falls and they’ve even watched us go on our first dates! And through the years, our moms have shown us what it’s like to be strong, fearless and invincible.

This Mother’s Day, we reflect on the many memories and moments where mom has taught us how to be selfless, strong and kind. This collection of memory jar printables makes for the perfect DIY gift to remind your mom of all the special times you’ve shared.

While the big memories are remembered forever, those little moments—the small interactions between you and Mom—can sometimes be forgotten. So this year, start a new tradition by writing down all the great joys and memories from the years you’ve spent together. Begin by printing out some of our memory jar ideas and filling them out with your own memories and feelings. It’s the ultimate thoughtful gift!

How to Make Your Memory Jar

For your memory jar, choose a jar or box to hold your printables; it should be something your mom can put on her nightstand or desk. We suggest a clear mason jar, cookie jar or a vintage jewelry box that you can dress up. Once you have decided on a container, create your memory jar following our steps below.

  1. Find a jar of your choice and clean/empty it of other items.
  2. Print, label, cut out and glue to the front of the jar.
  3. Sign your name on the printable and write a meaningful message.
  4. Decorate with twine, glitter, buttons or fabric to customize your jar.
  5. Find a comfortable place and fill out your printables with personalized memories.
  6. Fill your jar with finished printables and gift to your mom!

Memory Jar Printables for Mom

Once you have created your memory jar and attached your label, you can begin filling out your memory jar printables. Print your favorite prompts below, then cut them out and begin writing! We suggest setting aside a few hours for reflection and recollection. Write your memories from the past year, five years or a lifetime of memories! Create your jar how you want; after all, you know Mom the best.

Funny Memories

These memories are for the times when you cracked a big smile or belly laughed to tears with your mom. She will be sure to call you after reading these hilarious notes.

  • You made me laugh when _____
  • We belly laughed for hours that one time _____
  • You told me a funny joke to cheer me up and _____
  • I was sick and you _____
  • You called me and we_____
  • You texted me this _____
  • You wrote me that card and I _____
  • I remember when you told me this joke _____

Sentimental Memories

These are the times your mom was there for you through the hard moments. She lifted you up when you were down, and for that you are eternally grateful.

  • I was having a hard day and you _____
  • You consoled me and _____
  • I was going through a tough breakup and you _____
  • I felt lonely and you _____
  • I had heard bad news and you _____
  • You taught me to never give up _____
  • You showed me there was light in darkness _____
  • I was grieving a loss and you _____

Early Memories

These are the memories you had growing up, and memories of the milestones that the two of you shared. From elementary school, to your first day of college, these are the memories you will remember as she guided you into adulthood.

  • You taught me how to ride a bike and _____
  • I fell and broke a bone and you _____
  • You came to all my sports games and _____
  • You surprised me with a gift _____
  • You used to make me lunch for school _____
  • You took me to my favorite store and _____
  • You showed me how to bake _____
  • You dropped me off for college and _____

Family Memories

These are the moments you have had through the years with your family, where your mom has shined. She is your favorite cook, mentor, and closest friend. She also knows just how to surprise you with trips and adventures.

  • We took our family portrait and you _____
  • You and dad told me _____
  • You surprised everyone with a trip to Disneyland and _____
  • You planned our family reunion _____
  • You took us on vacation to _____
  • The whole family was so thrilled when you _____
  • You were there for the first _____
  • You became a grandma and _____

Heartfelt Memories

These are for the times when your mom showed you the courage and kindness that you hope to someday have yourself. They are the moments you shared and cherished, and the ones that have shaped you into the person you are today.

  • You showed me kindness when _____
  • You surprised me with hope by _____
  • You showed me how to be patient by _____
  • You made me feel strong when _____
  • You taught me to be brave by _____
  • You showed me how to love someone _____
  • You showed me old photos _____
  • You comforted me by _____

Mothers make sacrifices for the ones they love and expect nothing in return. They have helped you get to where you are, and they’ve shaped the person that you are today. Show her how much you appreciate her with these memory jar ideas this Mother’s Day. And once you’ve assembled your memory jar, don’t forget to pair it with a personalized gift to make mom’s day.