It’s the spooky season, and the perfect time for crafting. While you are working on last-minute costume preparations, keep the kids busy with a DIY monster craft. Your kids will have a blast as they make a monster with just a few simple materials. How the monsters look is completely up to your kids; they can personalized the eyes, mouth, ears and more! This is a great craft for preschoolers or young elementary-level students. The craft involves no more than cutting and pasting and the options are endless. Have some free time or want to join in on the Halloween spirit? Create one with them!

How to Make a Monster

This budget-friendly activity is easy to make and requires paper, scissors, tape or glue … and one’s imagination, of course! We have provided all the parts for the monster below and a few variations that kids can follow. The printable monsters fit well on a family fridge, hung in a child’s room or as a decor piece for the mantel. They’re also a great Halloween candy alternative for allergy prone trick-or-treaters. Have your kids make a few extra that they can give away or leave out on Halloween night.


  • Make-a-monster printables
  • Tape or glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers or colored pencils for blank sheets


  1. Print out the make-a-monster printables. Print out the pages for one of our templated monsters, or print out parts to DIY your own creation.
    • Optional: print out blank templates and have your little one color them in.
  2. Cut out printables. If your child is of-age, let them cut out the printables, and suggest that they organize each of the parts (arms, legs, eyes) in individual piles.
    • If you’re using your own colored-in parts instead, cut those out.
  3. Tape or glue parts together. Display for all to see or help your child give them out on Halloween!

Build A Monster Tips

When building your monster, we suggest you begin with the body as the base. Then glue on the legs and arms (if applicable). You may want to let this part dry before moving to the eyes, mouth and extra parts. Once your monster is done, let it dry before hanging. If handing out monsters for Halloween, create your craft a day or two before the big night. The most important tip of all, have fun! Let your child’s creativity run wild.


Whether your child is a big fan of spooky monsters, or you just want to get into the Halloween spirit, try creating these DIY monsters this October. Personalize your little one’s trick-or-treating experience with one of our Halloween candy bags. They’ll love their name included on the bag and it’ll stand out among the costumes, ghosts and goblins!