crayon craftHolidays are full of fun times, and are great opportunities to make memories. One of the best parts of any holiday is preparing for it. Whether the time is spent cooking lots of good things to eat or making fun crafts, looking forward to an event is often as much fun as the actual day. Crafts also make great gifts, especially to parents and grandparents. Perhaps this is because every crafter puts a little bit of themselves into each project.

  • Mother’s Day Ideas – These projects are great for younger kids who want to make something of their own for mom on her special day.
  • Artist’s Mother’s Day Gift Crafts – Artists Helping Children is a great website for kids’ craft ideas. This page has some unique gifts kids can easily make for their mothers with minimal help.
  • Father’s Day Crafts – Let’s not forget Dad! This page can help kids make a personalized photo frame or other great gift.
  • Duct Tape for Dad! – Any dad will get a kick out of these gifts embellished with duct tape!

Wintertime, when its cold and no one wants to be outside too much, is a great time to make crafts for the numerous holidays which fall during this time of year. Christmas ornaments are not only fun to make, but are also good gifts, since the person who receives it will remember the giver every year when he or she hangs it on the tree. For families who celebrate Hanukkah instead, there are also meaningful items which can be made by the kids. What a great way to contribute to a family celebration! Kwanza is a celebration of African American history and unity which is also celebrated this time of year. Don’t forget New Year’s! New Year’s crafts add to the fun of ringing in a fresh new year.

  • Snowflake Activities – Cutting out snowflakes from paper is a classic Christmas time craft. Even if there’s no snow on the ground, there can still be a white Christmas with these!
  • Reindeer Harness (PDF) – This is an easy craft which adds a bit of joyful noise to any Christmas celebration.
  • Pipe Cleaner Ornaments – Pipe cleaners are great for crafts because they can be bent into many shapes and come in many colors. Learn how to make Christmas ornaments from pipe cleaners.
  • Wooden Spoon Menorah – The end result of this craft project is a cute menorah that can actually be used during the eight day Hanukkah celebration.
  • Star of David Craft – The Star of David is understood as the symbol of the Jewish faith. Using just a few simple materials, kids can make a Star of David decoration for their families’ home during Hanukkah.
  • Mini Dreidel Cakes – This is a craft you can eat, which makes it even better. These little cakes would make great decorations for a table during Hanukkah, and then later a great dessert!
  • Kwanza Candle Craft – Candles have special meaning during Kwanza. This craft allows kids to take part in Kwanza by making something important to it.
  • Kwanza Handprint Wreath – This project can involve the whole family and is a great way to remember the people who have been important to them.
  • New Year’s Photo Frame – Want a way to remember how the family looked this year? Make this photo frame and put a picture in it.
  • Sequin Ball – Make this sparkly ball and have a private New Year’s party just like the one in New York!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for crafts. Not only do people say “I love you” with their words, but they can also say it by making something special. Easter, whether it is a holiday of faith or a celebration of spring, brings fun colors to the earth and to craft projects. Let’s not overlook Independence Day! Birthdays require celebration, including decorations. Fourth of July crafts make for great decorations during America’s birthday celebration, and are a fun way to spend the time during the summer when school’s out.

  • Valentine’s Day Ideas – There’s so much more to Valentine’s Day crafts than cutting out a heart. This site has many ideas, like making a heart necklace.
  • Valentine’s Streamer – Learn how to make this adorable streamer for a class Valentine’s Day party.
  • Easter Egg Dyeing – Easter wouldn’t be Easter without colorful eggs. This page has instructions on how to hard-boil them and different ways to color them.
  • Easter Garden – While this project needs to be started several days ahead of time, it makes a beautiful picture of the meaning of Easter.
  • Easter Bunnies – The crafts on this page like the cotton ball chick or the Easter bunny make very cute additions to a family Easter Sunday.
  • Cutting Stars – Stars are a traditional part of the Fourth of July decorations. Learn how to make a five-pointed star, like on the American flag, with just one snip of the scissors just like Betsy Ross did.

In the fall of the year, kids look forward to playing trick-or-treat in the neighborhood and loading up on candy. Not only are Halloween costumes fun to make, but Halloween crafts are as well. There seems to be no end of ways to make spooky ghosts or creepy-crawly spiders. After Halloween, it’s time to stop and be thankful for families, for plenty of food to eat, and for a free country. Finding a Thanksgiving craft to make, maybe to go on the table during the meal, can be the perfect way for kids to take part in this holiday.

  • Creepy Halloween Crafts – Scare a brother or a sister by making a dangling spider. Or learn how to make a fake hand. This page has many hair-raising ideas for kids.
  • Thanksgiving Craft Ideas – This site also has several different crafts for kids to make for Thanksgiving, including a table centerpiece or a turkey made from a potato.
  • Hand Print Turkey – A hand print turkey not only makes a cute Thanksgiving decoration, but also helps mom and dad see how big a child’s hand gets every year, making it a great souvenir to keep for years.

Crafts are wonderful ways for kids to be a part of holiday celebrations. Crafts also allow kids to practice using their imaginations and use artistic talents. Of course, they’re also fun! The best part is that the craft projects are a precious souvenir of childhood that parents will cherish for years.