There’s nothing worse than looking at your guest room and feeling like it’s one of the most neglected areas of your home. However, this was exactly the case in my humble abode – my spare bedroom had become an eyesore to myself and the rest of my household. Undoubtedly, it was going to be downright nauseating to whoever had to stay in the room when they came to visit.

With that in mind, I recently made it my own little project to remodel the space and make it more comfortable for my guests. Even if I don’t have anyone staying over in the near future, at least I won’t feel the need to look away when I take a peek in that bedroom as I walk by.

Bringing in the Right Furniture

I came to realize that perhaps the biggest mistake I had originally made in the guest bedroom was with the furniture. Oversized furnishings were definitely holding the space back from its true potential. Instead of keeping the full-sized bed I had in the room, I decided to swap it out with a twin sized bed to leave more space for decorations.

Although many people might instantly think that a twin-sized bed couldn’t possibly be tasteful and decorative, it’s the perfect solution to a guest room with a limited amount of space (like my own) – with the right linens, anything is possible.

After solving the bed issue, I decided to take my time and look for the perfect desk for my guest bedroom. Because there are already closets in the space for visitors to use, I decided that a desk would be a more practical piece of furniture. It took me a while to find a desk that complemented the rest of the decor, but I was able to find one from a close friend – who knew hand-me-downs could look so good?

Creating Depth

Because the guest bedroom is only 10 by 6 feet, I wanted to use a few tricks of the eye to make it seem larger than it really is. One of the easiest tips I picked up in an interior design magazine was to use more reflective items throughout the room.

On the closet doors in the bedroom, I decided to install two large mirrors, approximately six feet in height. Each mirror covers the entire door, making it a reflective entryway into a storage space full of clothes and shoes. This tactic not only makes the area appear to have more room, but it also does wonders for the lighting in the space.

Because the guest room only has one window, the area can be rather dark and gloomy at times. With the mirrors in the space, light now refracts at every angle, making it a more cozy bedroom.

Tackling the Walls

When I first moved into my place, I quickly realized that the walls were going to be a problem. For the most part, every room in the house was painted white – a boring, plain hue that didn’t strike any emotions when you walked into a space.

I immediately felt inclined to paint the walls a different shade shortly after moving in, but I realized that maybe having white walls wasn’t so bad after all. These could serve as a blank slate for whatever I chose to put up on the walls to express my creativity.

Instead of whipping out my paint buckets and brushes, I chose to leave it as is. I hung a handful of my own personal paintings up on the wall and created a floral theme throughout the room. I selected my acrylic paintings of flowers and nature scenes to help guests feel tranquil when they stay. As an additional touch, I left a personal message on the wall using easily-applied vinyl wall art.

Bringing it all together

Although it took me an ample amount of time and effort to piece my guest room together, I wouldn’t have done it any other way. In addition to having a beautiful room for visitors, I now know a thing or two about what works (and doesn’t work) when designing a space. If I ever need to redecorate another bedroom, I know I won’t need to call a professional for help.