Valentine’s Day is coming up! Now that the grocery store aisles are filled with heart-shaped candies and other treats, why not use hearts to do some fun crafts with your kids? Below are step-by-step gifs that quickly show you how to put together cute, heart-shaped animals that are perfect for creating your own Valentine’s Day cards.

Scroll through the adorable templates  and click the button below each gif to download your favorite template. To make sure your animals hold up, we recommend printing on card stock. No Valentine craft would be complete without a fun pun, so we added a few ideas for you to choose from under each animal template.

If you are making heart-shaped animals with a class or a little one who loves to color, print out the black and white templates at the bottom of the post. You can use them as an outline and cut out the details on construction paper or use them as a makeshift coloring page.


This adorable little penguin is super easy! There are no small parts to challenge the younger crafters. You can simply draw on the eyes to make it less complicated.

Penguin card ideas:

  • You’re the coolest! Be my Valentine?
  • I wouldn’t mind being snowed in with you!
  • I don’t know waddle I’ll do if you won’t be my Valentine.



This little bear is the perfect accompaniment if you are gifting any stuffed animals this Valentine’s Day! You can also print it and black and white and make a more colorful bear if you want less traditional colors.

Bear card ideas:

  • I am bear-y happy you are in my class!
  • Bear hugs for my Valentine!
  • It’s impawsible to imagine life without you.



This adorable fox will steal the heart of your future Valentine! Foxes are all the rage right now, so this could be the perfect card for your trendy friend or teenaged family members. Add a little more cuteness with one of these fox puns.

Fox card ideas:

  • Be my fox-y Valentine!
  • You are a stone cold fox.
  • I cannot be sly about my feelings for you.




Bright and cheery, this rooster is perfect for a favorite teacher! The red is also super festive for Valentine’s Day. Pair this card with a red, heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Rooster card ideas:

  • You’re something to crow about!
  • You would make an egg-celent Valentine!
  • You are awfully hen-some.



This unicorn is perfect for the little girl who loves fairy tales! You can also print out the black and white version and get creative with the different colors.

Unicorn card ideas:

  • You are one of a kind! Please be my Valentine?
  • I hope you have a magical Valentine’s Day!
  • Let me get straight to the point. will you be my Valentine?


If you can’t decide which heart-shaped animal you like the best, download them all here.

Looking to save ink or pick the colors yourself? Download the templates in black and white! The plain templates are also great if you want to make multiples. Simply print one out and use it as the outline so you don’t have to worry about running out of colored ink.

Share your fun heart-shaped animals with us on social media! We would love to see the cute creations your kids come up with.

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