How many graduation parties do you have on the calendar this summer? If you have kids (or nieces or nephews) that age, it can seem like there’s a party every weekend. Add college graduations to the high school graduation calendar, and gift giving becomes overwhelming.

Money may be the frontrunner when it comes to graduation gifting, but we strongly believe that there are many options beyond tucking a few twenties into a card. If you focus on your graduate’s interests, you’ll have an easier time zeroing in on a gift that will be remembered long after that cash would be spent.

We’ve taken some of the guesswork out of gifting by making suggestions for types of graduates and types of gifts. Say you’re looking for a practical gift for a graduate whose primary interest is travel – consider a sturdy backpack. Gifting an athlete and looking to splurge? Consider a few gift certificates for massages or sports massages.

While some of the gift suggestions are splurges, there are also DIY suggestions for the giver who wants a homemade touch. A DIY gift sends your graduate along to the next phase with a lovely keepsake full of fond memories.

Grad gift ideas

Don’t worry though, for those less DIY-inclined, don’t forget that our personalized graduation gifts offer the warmth of a personalized gift without all the stress of quilting, scrapbooking, or coordinating. We have throws, laundry bags, and picture frames, perfect for even the most hard-to-shop-for grads. We’d love to hear what you choose for your grad!