When you see a Laughing Buddha statue, with his large, round belly and happy face, do you instinctively rub his belly in the hopes it will bring you good luck? If you found a four-leaf clover, would you pluck it from the patch? Will you break a wishbone with a friend in the hope that you will get the bigger piece and make a wish? At a Chinese restaurant, will you open your fortune cookie, with no intention of eating it, just to read your fortune? Do you avoid walking under ladders, do you throw salt over your shoulder while you cook, and when your ears are hot, do you think someone is talking about you? Whether you believe in fate, fortune, destiny, or luck, there’s no harm done by dabbling in a little superstition. Our Good Luck Gift Buying Guide will help you find gifts for your loved ones that claim to bring good fortune. And who knows? Maybe they will…

Gift idea #1: Birthstone Baby They say that wearing your birthstone will bring you good luck. The magical properties of gemstones are as interesting as they are diverse. Amethyst for example, which is February’s birthstone, was once believed to bring peace of mind to the wearer, as well as prevent him or her from becoming intoxicated. May’s birthstone, the emerald, is believed to have fortune telling powers, and is capable of revealing the faithfulness of one’s lover. September’s birthstone, the sapphire, symbolizes purity and is said to preserve chastity, and bestow innocence, truth, and good health to its wearer. Who doesn’t need a little magic in their life? Birthstone jewelry is the perfect lucky gift for birthdays and for the holidays, or a romantic gift on Valentine’s Day.

Gift idea #2: Ask The Gods Those connected to spiritual or religious beliefs are some of the most recognized good luck charms. Native American dreamcatchers are as beautiful as they are mystical. Their web like design is thought to catch bad dreams and protect those sleeping from nightmares. Originating in the Sioux Nation, the dreamcatcher is used by Native Americans beyond the Ojibwa People, and by many non-Native Americans too.

Other good luck charms serve dual purposes. Usually connected to Christianity, the cross (a symbol of God) is believed to ward off evil and protect its wearer. People may wear a cross or carry one to demonstrate their religious beliefs or as a symbol of good luck to keep them safe. Another lucky charm that you may not have known was connected to religion, is the number seven. Generally considered one of the luckiest numbers by many cultures, the number seven is particularly important in Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity.

Gift idea #3: Going Natural Much good luck is believed to come from nature. In times past, folks would keep plants or animal parts close to them in the belief that they would bring good luck. For instance, scarabs were considered good luck beetles in ancient Egypt. In the middle ages, wearing garlic was thought of as a way to ward off vampires, and shark’s teeth were thought to bring good luck. While it’s a little creepy (not to mention gross) to give a rabbit’s foot, a sack of garlic, or a shark’s tooth as a good luck charm, there are other less yucky natural gifts you can give. The four-leaf clover or Shamrock is immediately recognized as a symbol of good luck. While not as common as the three-leaf variety, four leaf clovers DO exist. If you find one, hold onto it! You’re not likely to find one yourself, but you can buy jewelry and trinkets that feature four-leaf clovers that somebody else has found for you!

Gift idea #4: It’s Written in the Stars Thank your lucky stars, because gift idea #4 is easily accessible in anything from jewelry and accessories, to home décor, to apparel. The star shape is one of the most commonly used in all forms of art, a second only to the heart shape. The stars have long been thought to hold peoples’ fate. Some claim to be able to decipher their destiny from reading the constellations; others turn to their horoscope for guidance on everything from love and relationships to what career path to take. A falling or shooting star is considered lucky, not least of all because the sighting of one is so rare. There is something romantic about lying in wait of a shooting star when camping (and you’re never too old to do this).

Gift idea #5: Lucky Charm Charms are a pretty way to carry luck everywhere you go. Traditional charms include rainbows, pots of gold, four leaf clovers, horseshoes etc. but anything with significance to the wearer can be thought to bring good luck. Charms are a great gift for someone who owns jewelry. She can add your gift to her bracelet or necklace and it will serve as a reminder of you amongst all the other charms she holds dear. Valentine’s day is the perfect opportunity to give lucky charms to your sweetheart. Give charms that hold personal significance to family members or friends for birthdays, anniversaries or the holidays.

Some people are more superstitious than others. Some might bend down to pick up a penny lying on the ground because it is considered good luck. However, if pride prevents you from picking up a penny in the street, we understand. But don’t deny the possibility that luck and good fortune can come if you just believe…