What is furry, friendly and a vital part of the family? Your dog of course! And when it comes to planning a wedding, what better way to make your day special than incorporating your pooch. With an array of wedding style ideas, you can dress your dog in a chic mini tux, or go for a classic bow tie. They’re sure to get lots of “awwws” as they walk down the aisle!

Below we list our favorite 20+ ways to incorporate dogs at your wedding. We hope this brings you inspiration as you prepare for the big day. Whether your wedding is classic or alternative there are endless ways to let your pooch shine.

Getting Ready for the Big Day

It’s here, the big day! Why not share it with your favorite pooch? Before the wedding, find an adorable bow tie that matches an accent color in your wedding and place along their collar. Bring them into the room where you and your bridesmaids are getting ready. They’ll love the attention and your bridesmaids will love the photo ops with your pup! Just make sure you have a pup sitter for the ceremony and reception.

First Photo by: Tara Barnes Photography | Second Photo by: Brogen Jessup


Walking Down the Aisle

Share this magical day with your pup by incorporating them into the wedding. Secure the ring in a box or along a pillow with string, then attach to your dog’s leash. Complement their leash color with your (human) ring bearer’s outfit for an adorable photo. If your dog is a princess or the ultimate diva, consider placing them in a wagon or small carrier and decorating with fabric and ribbon.

First Photo by: Lauren Peele Photography | Second Photo by: Dennis Qwan Headshots | Third Photo by: Gina Paulson |


Color Coordinating

Color coordinate your pup’s collar with your wedding bouquet. DIY a dog collar with beautiful boutique flowers in colors that complement the wedding party outfits. Not only are these beautiful to look at, but floral bouquet collars are also easy to make and only take a few simple steps. For even more cuteness, create matching flower crowns for you and your dog. Just take the photo fast!

First Photo by: De Joy Photography | Second Photo by: The Red Fly Studio | Third Photo by: Gabriella Katalin Photography | Fourth Photo by: Mary Costa Weddings | Fifth Photo by: Karlee K Photography |


Capturing The Moment

You know what they say, dogs are man (and woman)’s best friend! The following photos are perfect ways to include your dog as what they are, a companion to you two and a part of this celebration. Let them lead the way with the ring, or stand in between you two for an intimate photo. You could also have frames of the three of you at the engagement party or better yet, have them help with the wedding planning! They just might request special treats.

First Photo by: Teri B Photography | Second Photo by: Vesic Photography | 


Paws down, having a dog in your wedding can contribute to an unforgettable event. Having your furry friend by your side as you say I do can be a special moment that you’ll cherish for years to come. As a way of saying thanks, gift your pup a personalized gift for the new house, like a photo of the three of you on your doormat. That way when your pooch walks into their home, they’ll always be reminded of your special day!