It feels great when your home looks beautiful. It feels even better when you’ve had a hand in making the pretty things that tie it all together. Here are some Easter decorating ideas to get you inspired!

Spray paint a variety of milk glass vases and vessels with pastel spray paint. The vases can be found at garage sales and thrift stores for pennies.

If the (you know who) has given the children a personalized Easter basket each year, display each of them next to a picture of the child in their Easter best from the same year.

Use paint swatches from your home improvement store to make a custom Easter garland. Use a cookie cutter to trace the shape for precise cutting. Punching two small holes at the top of the shape allows you to string the shapes with twine. Hang your Easter garland from curtain rods, handrails, doors or on the mantle of the fireplace.

Paint swatch garland

Use a glass cloche to highlight your favorite Easter decoration. Perhaps it’s a vintage decoupage Easter egg, a pastel topiary or a simple, sweet birds nest.

Make custom Easter candy jars from old items you have around the house.

  1. Clean and remove the labels from glass jars with metal lids. Jars from spaghetti sauce, pickles and applesauce all work well. If you are making a set of jars, select jars with different shapes and heights to add interest and variation.
  2. Candleholders serve as the base of the candy jar. They don’t have to match. In fact, different shapes will work nicely together. Here, we use an old iron set of candleholders. You can also find mismatched candleholders at garage sales or thrift stores.
  3. On a covered surface, paint all of the lids and candleholders with spray paint. You may choose to have all of them one color or you may decide to use a few different colors.
  4. When the paint is dry, use hot glue to adhere the glass jar to the candleholder.
  5. After the glue is cool, add candy or other goodies to the jars and secure the lids.

You’ll love showing these off in your home and your family won’t complain about the abundance of candy! These also make great gifts for a hostess, teacher or neighbor.

Cloche with Birds Nest

Plant small, simple succulents in pretty pastel-colored eggcups. Use these new miniature planters to accent bookshelves, nightstands, bathroom counters and the desk of your home office. Succulents don’t need much light or water so they are a simple plant to use throughout your home.

Don your entry way with a Spring Floral Tree. Decorate it with Easter Egg Ornaments for each member of your family. Don’t forget an ornament for the pets!

Nothing says Easter like sweets! An inexpensive way to decorate for Easter is to show off the fruits of your labor. Put those presentation-worthy cupcakes in a clear glass cake stand, fill apothecary jars with jelly beans, string marshmallow peeps together with a needle and thread to make a fun and tasty garland or use beautiful foil wrapped chocolate bunnies as accents for shelves and china cabinets.