The excitement of a gift is often not the gift itself, but the presentation. There is nothing more exciting during a birthday or holiday than seeing a box all wrapped up and wondering, “What could be in there?” Well there are many ways to make that wrapping even more enticing, and here are 26 of our favorites:

1. DIY Hand-Lettered Gift Wrapping

hand lettered

Nothing says love and care like something created with your own two hands. In this case, a handwritten note on twill tape is a good way to let the receiver know you put in effort for every detail. Check it out at Made in the Fold.

2. DIY Holiday Mouse Gift Wrap

mouse wrap

Who wouldn’t love getting to unwrap a little creature? This mouse is sure to get a “squeal” of approval making the receiver contemplate whether to even open the gift or enjoy the adorable wrapping. Check it out at Handmade Charlotte.

3. Fabric Flower Petal

fabric petals

Instead of using a boring bow to top things off, use a fabric flower to really put a great finishing touch to the wrapping. Check it out at Pretty Petals.

4. Word Search Wrapping Paper

word search

For the puzzle lover in your life, this is almost like two gifts in one. This tutorial shows you how to make personalized word search wrapping paper, so the receiver can enjoy a good word find before or after unwrapping the gift. Check it out at Grasping for Objectivity.

5. Fabric Gift Pouch

fabric pouch

This how-to on making your own gift pouch out of cotton fabric is a simple yet creative way to ensure the proper packaging of your gift. Complete the wrapping with cotton twine and you will have a wrap that shouts homemade. Check it out at A Spoonful of Sugar Designs.

6. Threaded Pom-poms

pom pom

No, not those gigantic ones you see cheerleaders waving, but cotton ones to make your wrapping stand out. It is easy to make and a great way to get the kids involved – or to help – with the gifts. Check it out at Two Shades of Pink.

7. Photo Wrapping Paper

photo wrapping

You can take photos of you and whomever you are giving a gift to and have them blown up and make wrapping paper out of them. The receiver will surely appreciate such a personal touch. Check it out at Most Lovely Things.

8. Interactive Wrapping Paper


Here’s another one that is especially useful if you have children, it is essentially two gifts in one. This turns boring brown or white wrapping paper into a playground for the receiver, and will elicit a lot of smiles before they even see the actual gift. Check it out at Lines Across.

9. Chalkboard Wrapping Paper


It’s amazing what wonders black craft paper and white markers can create. Your imagination is your canvas here, because as we learned in elementary school, anything is possible on a blank chalkboard. Check it out at Going Home to Roost.

10. Shake It Confetti Wrap


All of us, likely as children, have picked a gift up and shaken it to try and figure out what was inside. There was nothing better than wondering what might be inside when you were given a gift as a kid. This let’s you embrace that past, as the confetti moves when the gift is shaken. Check it out at Minieco.

11. Sewn Wrapping


For those who find the idea of unwrapping a bit worn out, consider sewing your wrapping together. It will make it pretty awesome to watch your receiver’s face of confusion as they contemplate how best to open it. Check it out at Wild Olive.

12. Watercolor Wrapping


Turn gift-wrapping into an art project with this DIY watercolor wrap. Any combination of colors you like can become a painted masterpiece. Check it out at Minted.

13. Crepe Paper Fringe Wrap

crepe paper

Add a little flair to your gift wrapping with fringe paper. You can give a metallic look as pictured above, or have it be bright and colorful like you might see on a piñata. Check it out at Willowday.

14. Money Balloons

money balloon

If you’re giving cash as a gift, this is a fun alternative to the simple $20-bill-in-a-card ploy. This is a fantastic idea for birthdays. Use clear helium balloons filled with confetti – and of course money – to add a little surprise to a routine gift. Check it out at Sugar and Charm.

15. Paint Swatch Boxes

paint swatch

You’ve just finished painting your dining room walls; now what to do with all those paint sample swatches. Here you go! You can fold those giant swatches into gift boxes for a colorful twist. Check it out at How About Orange.

16. Pixel Weave Wrapping

pixel weave

If you or the person to whom you are giving the gift is artistic, then these crafty weave designs are ideal. You can use yarn or paper to create a wrapping masterpiece. Check it out at Brit + Co.

17. Tie Gift Box

tie gift

For the husband, father or brother, this creative design will have them asking, “How did you do that?” You’ll need a few tools, but the end product is well worth the effort. Check it out at Paper Crave.

18. DIY Duct Tape Wrap

duct tape

Duct tape fixes everything, so why not use it to wrap your gift? It’s inexpensive, easy to apply and adds some bright color to your gift. Check it out at The Sweetest Occasion.

19. Felt Gift Card Holder

gift card

Sometimes we just have no idea what to get someone. A gift card is a great idea, but how to present the gift in a charming way? These felt holders can be easily personalized for your recipient. Check it out at No Biggie.

20. Sheet Music Wrapping

gift card

If you have a musician or music-lover in your life, there’s no better way to stick with that theme than wrapping a gift in sheet music. Whether it is CDs or a new guitar, they will love taking care not to tear the wrapping so they can read it afterward. Check it out at Jane Means Blog.

21. Ready-to-Wear Wrapping

ready to wear

This is an easy way to satisfy all of the recipient’s needs in one shot. They remove the brooch, unwrap the shirt and then they get to their gift. It’s like three gifts in one. Check it out at What Lady Likes.

22. Doily Gift Wrap


A touch of class and fancy is added with these doily wraps. You can even stamp their name on it to give it a more personal feel. Check it out at Robbie and Erin.

23. Starry Night Wrapping

starry night

Put a constellation on it for your stargazing gift-recipient by using dark blue paper and a silver sharpie. The possibilities are as endless as the universe. Check it out at One Lovely Day.

24. Mini Wreath Wrapping

mini wreath

Add a little extra holiday spirit to your gifts by wrapping them with a mini wreath. This wrapping is an easy way to embrace the season. However, the smell of pine has been known to cause extra jolliness and cookie eating. Check it out at Odessa May Society.

25. Book Page Wrapping

book page

If you’re giving a gift to a bookworm, they’ll love the use of book pages as wrapping paper. Just be sure to use an old book that you have no interest in reading again. Check it out at Alisa Burke.

26. Map Wrapping

book page

Your gift recipient can now circle the globe after unwrapping their gift. Or find their way down the street, depending on what type of map you use. Either way it will surely be an enjoyable journey. Check it out at Ramshackle Glam.


Creativity and Flair

The best part about these gift-wrapping ideas is that you can cater them to the person who will receive the gift. But even beyond that, it’s a great way get your own imagination going and enjoy every part of the gift-giving experience.

Get Inspired

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