Chores play a huge role in helping kids become more responsible. Not only do chores teach kids discipline, they also teach kids to contribute to keeping the house (and themselves!) clean. The amount of house work a child can do varies, so make sure you are aware of the appropriate age and skill level before you fill in the chore chart.

Below you will see a list of chores arranged by different age groups from toddlers to pre-teens. There are also fun printable chore charts that can be used daily or weekly. If you’d like to reuse the charts, make sure to laminate them! Use stickers, colorful markers and the printable badges we created to make the chore charts more fun. An incentive like an allowance or gift for chores well done will also help to motivate your kids.

Age-Appropriate Chore Ideas

Here are a few chore suggestions for kids — both daily and weekly. Start younger kids off by doing basic tasks like brushing their teeth, picking up their toys, and making their beds. Older kids should be assigned more complex tasks like yardwork and washing the dishes.



Sample Chore Chart

Below is a sample of what a completed chore chart should look like. Once your child is done with a task, you can choose to check the box with a marker or fill in with a fun sticker!


Printable Chore Charts For All Ages

These fun chore chart printables can be laminated and used over and over. You may choose to print one for the daily chores and one for the weekly — either way, it will help keep tasks organized.

Chore-Chart-Boy-800 1



Additional Chore Ideas

If the above ideas don’t apply or you are looking for even more responsibilities for your kids, here are a few more:

• read a book before bed

• organize closet

• clean out backpacks

• pack lunches for siblings

• clean the pool

• fold washcloths

• clean out fridge

• clean microwave

• wash car windows

• try a new vegetable

• organize pantry/snacks

• wipe TV/computer screens

• clean the garage

• sort the clean silverware

Chore charts help keep the household organized and allow for more family time! Whether you choose to include school activities or not, the main idea is to help keep your kids on a schedule and daily routine. After they are done with their tasks, have some fun with these word search puzzles.