Trying to plan the perfect bridal shower? Figuring out just the right way to celebrate that special friend, sister or daughter can feel like a lot of pressure. She’s already given you a huge honor by asking you to be part of her wedding party, so now it’s up to you to make her a shower to remember. The bridal shower is about the couple’s beginning a new life together, and making their house or apartment into a home. You don’t need to embarrass the bride in order to entertain the guests (after all, you could do that at the bachelorette party) — instead, play some games that are sure to get the guests laughing, while still being appropriate for her mother-in-law-to-be, grandmas, aunts or coworkers.

Bridal Bingo and Word Search


Bridal Bingo and Bridal Word Search are great ice-breakers that will get the guests involved, and they are games that everyone can play regardless of how well they know the bride. Bridal Bingo involves a standard bingo card and rules, but with various gift-related words. When the bride opens her gifts, each guest checks her card to see if whatever she is opening is included on her card. The first guest to fill her card is the winner!

Purse Raid Scavenger Hunt


Purse Raid Scavenger Hunt and How Well Do You Know the Couple? are played more individually at the beginning; each guest completes her own card individually. For How Well Do You Know the Couple?, the guest who has the most correct answers is the winner. For Purse Raid Scavenger Hunt, the prize goes to she who has the greatest number of points.

And, while the Purse Raid Scavenger Hunt may leave a few guests red-faced (flash drive? red lipstick?), it’s all in good fun and will also allow your guests to interact with each other in a relaxing way. For a more intimate crowd, you can play How Well Do You Know The Couple?, which asks questions about the bride’s and groom’s favorite foods, shoe sizes, pets, siblings, and other details about their lives. Especially if the shower involves two families coming together for the first time, this is a great way for everyone to get to know each other. The bride will get a good laugh out of some of the guests’ responses, and the crowd will come away feeling as though the party was personal and fun.


Using bridal shower printables

Of course, as the maid- or matron-of-honor or the shower hostess, you can modify the rules however you want to suit your guests or your party. These printables will give you ideas and a jumping-off point from which you can plan your personalized bridal shower games.

Because you’re the bridal shower hostess, lots of guests will ask you what kind of gifts you think the bride would like. For those who want something personal, yet practical, with a stylish flair, you could suggest a variety of personalized bridal shower gifts that include everything from champagne flutes to matching flip-flops. These gifts will be a timeless remembrance of the day when she was not only a bride, but a princess, and of the love that the couple will continue to share.

Click on the images below to download the full sized printable PDFs.

BridalBingo HowWell
PurseRaid WordSearch

We’d love to hear from you in the comments section which games were the biggest hit at your bridal shower!