It’s official! The bouncing bundle of joy is on his or her way — and we’re willing to bet that the mommy-to-be couldn’t be more excited (but also probably a teeny bit nervous). Her life is changing in ways she never thought possible, and as her best friend, sister, cousin or other relative, it’s your job to help her welcome motherhood in style. That’s why we’ve got everything you need to plan some fun baby shower games that will keep her guests laughing and give the mom-to-be a great day with the “girls” —  after all, it could be a while before she gets another chance to relax with her friends!

Baby Bingo


Baby Bingo and Baby Word Search are great ice-breakers that will get the guests involved, and they are games that everyone can play regardless of whether they’re baby-crazy or a little less enthusiastic. Baby Bingo involves a standard-style bingo card and rules, but with various gift-related words. When the mommy-to-be opens her gifts, each guest checks her card to see if whatever she is opening is included on her card. The first guest to fill her card is the winner!

We have a few different cards to use, or you can print blank cards and fill them in with the kinds of gifts that the new mom is likely to receive. For example, if your baby shower has a theme (for example, organic baby accessories), you could set up your bingo cards for those items rather than the more traditional gifts. Also, if Mom has registered with a theme in mind for her nursery, you can adapt the cards so that they reflect her individual style and registry.

Baby Word Search


This one is pretty self explanatory, but make sure to have everyone flip those word searches over until you say, “go!” It’s a race to the finish!

Purse Raid Scavenger Hunt


The Purse Raid Scavenger Hunt is a great way to get everyone involved, and to reveal a few fun things about your guests. Each player receives a card and searches through her purse for items, and tallies the corresponding points. While this may leave a few guests red-faced (flash drive? red lipstick?), it’s all in good fun and will also allow your guests to interact with each other in a relaxing way. For Purse Raid Scavenger Hunt, the prize goes to she who has the greatest number of points.

Old Wive’s Tale Trivia


This one is sure to get everyone laughing. If you’ve had a baby, did you know before your precious bundle was born if it was a boy or a girl? If Mom’s in the dark and has chosen to wait until delivery to find out, you can all take your guesses as to what gender she can expect. Even if she knows what she’s having, you can test your guests’ baby-savvy by seeing who is in the know about these fun old wives’ tales. Ask each guest to circle whether the answers to the “tests” indicate a boy or a girl, and then see who has the most correct answers.

Using baby shower printables

Of course, as the shower hostess, you can modify the rules however you want to suit your guests or your party. You can use these printables in two ways: One is to give you ideas and a jumping-off point from which you can plan your personalized baby shower games. The other is to print the blank sheets and customize them yourself based on the personality of the mom-to-be and the theme of the event.

While some guests will be thrilled to buy the most useful gifts for the mom-to-be (like bottles, crib sheets and even boxes of diapers), others will want to find something unique — even perhaps something that will be a keepsake for the baby to have for many years. Our baby collection has plenty of personalized choices… everything from a soft and sweet lamb blanket to a painted step stool. If this mom is on her second or third baby and already has everything she “needs”, our personalized collection has everything to make the experience extra special.

We’d love to hear about your favorite baby shower games in the comments!


Download the full-sized printables by clicking on the images below:

Bingo1 WordSearch
Trivia PurseRaid


Answer Key for Old Wives’ Tale Trivia:


  1. Girl
  2. Girl
  3. Boy
  4. Boy
  5. Girl
  6. Boy
  7. Boy
  8. Boy
  9. Girl
  10. Boy