Baby showers are a great way to bring friends and family together to celebrate the arrival of a newborn. While parties can vary in size and theme, one timeless tradition of the baby shower remains the same: Games. Baby shower games are a fun way to meet new faces, share precious childhood memories or just watch Grandma get competitive. That’s why we compiled more than 30 games in a helpful generator, so regardless of the type of party you’re hosting you can entertain in a matter of minutes.

Use our generator by selecting the category filters that best match your party and guest list. Is it a large, diverse gathering in need of some ice breakers? Or an intimate group close to mom-to-be? Find your best fit to keep everyone excited for baby.

Once you’ve found the perfect game for your baby shower, find the perfect gift for the guest of honor.

Download and print a PDF instruction booklet with all 35 Baby Shower Games for easy reference.

Sort Baby Shower Games

Have your party guests vote to guess the baby's gender.

Twist on a classic with a baby theme.

Guess how big mom-to-be's tummy has grown.

To break the ice, name a "forbidden" word for the duration of the party.

Guests share baby photos of themselves in a fun guessing game.

Ask a series of questions to dad-to-be and see if expecting mom knows his answer.

Between two teams see who can get a pacifier from one end of the line to the other fastest.

Similar to real Price Is Right, have guests guess the price of common baby items.

See which team can change a diaper fastest… blindfolded!

Your college experience gets a G-rating.

Host a raffle where the cost of entry is one package of diapers.

Mommy gets ready for scary diaper changes with this sweeter version.

Have attendees guess what's inside paper bags filled with common baby items.

Decorate a onesie for the mom and the baby.

Imitate a busy mom as guests try to dress the baby fastest.

See who is in tune with pop culture by naming celebrity kids.

Test your zoology skills to see if you know what certain animal babies are called.

Have guests write a sweet note for the baby and parents.

Guests must unscramble common baby words

We all know humans take nine months, but what about the rest of the animal kingdom?

Guests try to name the title and author of famous book quotes.

Get a sneak peek of what the baby will look like in this funny face mashup.

Classic guessing game with a baby twist.

Try to name the TV show based on just the family member names.

Host a baby food taste test.

Instead of focusing on the baby's name, have guests pick a new name for themselves.

Help mom and dad think of what to do with the baby before it turns one.

Have guests list as many songs they can think of with baby in the title.

Have party guests guess what mom has been craving.

This funny mix up of mommy advice will get the crowd laughing.

See who can get closest — down to the hour! — to the baby's due date.

Match the parenting advice with the guest.

This old-school literary game gets a baby shower spin.

See if you can remember common pregnancy myths.

Play this fun and fast game to see who's packing what in their purse.