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Jam, pasta sauce, salsa — what do they all have in common? They all come packaged in Mason jars. Rather than recycling jars when they are empty, why not put them to good use? With a little creativity and a few ingredients, the uses for Mason jars are limitless.

Thanks to these clever bloggers, we’ve put together 50 great uses for Mason jars — from sweet treats to lunch ideas to home décor. Whether you want to reuse an empty jam jar or purchase new jars for a Saturday project, there is bound to be an idea that catches your interest.

Mason Jar Breakfast Recipes

1. Breakfast Casserole

breakfast caserole jars

For a hearty breakfast individually served in jars, you can’t go wrong with this breakfast casserole. Hot sausage, freshly cooked eggs, and melty cheese in a jar. Need we say more? Thanks to Lovely Little Details for this delicious Mason jar breakfast casserole recipe and photo by Jessica Burke.

2. Apple Quinoa Breakfast Parfait

apple quinoa parfait sk

This healthy breakfast parfait kicks grains to the curb, providing a protein-packed breakfast that uses quinoa instead of oatmeal. With a little bit of spice and the sweetness of apples, this apple quinoa breakfast parfait recipe provided by SheKnows will satisfy your morning cravings and give you a nutrient boost to start the day.

3. Apple Cranberry Overnight Oats

overnight oats mason jar

When it comes to breakfast, most of us don’t have much time to cook beyond pouring milk over a bowl of cereal. Fortunately, Meals Full Of Color has provided this brilliant apple cranberry overnight oats recipe that you can whip up the night before for a healthy, gourmet-tasting breakfast.

Meals in a Jar

4. Pizza in a Jar

pizza in a jar

Believe it or not, you can cook your pizza in a jar. This idea is fun for kids who want to get hands-on. Save your kitchen from the mess by simply tossing all the ingredients into Mason jars. Thanks to 1 Fine Cookie for the pizza in a jar tutorial and photo.

5. Chopped Salad in a Jar

chopped salad jar

This spin on the traditional salad skips the leafy greens but provides a zesty-fresh flavor with plenty of crunch. All of the ingredients in this salad make for a colorful meal that’s conveniently portable in its own jar. Thanks to The Blonde Buckeye for providing the recipe and photo for the chopped salad in a jar.

6. Lemon Pepper Jar Chicken

lemon pepper jar chicken

Beer can chicken has a well-deserved reputation for being super moist. Using a Mason jar, you can get those same juicy results without the beer. This classic recipe for Lemon Pepper Jar Chicken also makes a great foundation for experimentation. Thanks to Eclectic Recipes for the photos and instructions.

7. Lazy Lasagna

lazy lasagna in a jar

This loosey-goosey recipe really satisfies when you’re craving deep-dish lasagna, but don’t have the time or energy to deal with lots of layering. Lazy Lasagna captures the essence of an authentic, Italian favorite and packages it up into adorable, individual-sized jars. Photos and recipes from Big Red Kitchen, where you can find a whole section dedicated to Mason jar meals!

8. Dinner Rolls

dinner rolls

Skip the bread basket and spice up your dinner table with these individual rolls baked in jars. These whole-wheat buttermilk rolls have a hint of rosemary, making them perfect for all occasions. Thanks to Simple Bites for this fantastic idea for dinner rolls in a jar.

9. Quinoa Salad

quinoa salad jar

Quinoa is full of protein and fiber, which makes it a healthy addition to any meal. Customize it with your favorite dressing and this quinoa salad courtesy of The Chic is a tasty grab-and-go lunch that will supply key nutrients to fuel your day.

10. Cobb Salad

cobb salad mason jar

This personal-sized cobb salad is a healthy lunch for when you’re on the go. The pop of cherry tomatoes and fresh lettuce also makes this a great addition to your picnic basket. Thanks to ValSoCal for creating this simple cobb salad in a jar recipe that includes fresh ingredients and a homemade dressing.

Delicious Jar Desserts

11. Orange Dreamsicle Cupcakes

dreamsicle cupcakes in a jar

Feel the nostalgia of a creamsicle with this tangy orange cream cheese frosting atop vanilla cake. What was once a cold, melty treat can now be eaten warm and fresh out of the oven, no popsicle stick required. Thanks to Cookies & Cups for sharing the orange dreamsicle cupcake recipe and photos.

12. S’mores Cake

more smores in a jar

S’mores are a classic favorite that are hard to refuse. How Sweet It Is took this chocolatey treat and turned it into a decadent cake, conveniently baked in the container from which you devour it. This s’mores cake recipe topped with crispy, browned marshmallows is seriously crave-worthy.

13. Rice Krispy Treats

rice krispie treat in a jar

Forget the giant saucepan and sticky mess because you’ve got your handy Mason jar to make these personal-sized rice krispy treats. This crowd-pleasing treat is a lazy cook’s dream because it takes only a few minutes to throw together. Thanks to Pretty Prudent for the single serve microwave rice krispy treats recipe and photo.

14. Bread Pudding

bread pudding jar

This bread pudding is a sweet dessert that can be made with ingredients that are likely already in your kitchen. Use up leftover bread and empty jars with this bread pudding recipe provided by Savor This Moment. Make just one for yourself, or many to share.

15. Carrot Cake Cupcakes

carrot cake cupcakes on the go

Carrot cake is a classy and flavorful dessert, now made more aesthetically pleasing with Mason jars. Carrot cake cupcakes served in jars make wonderful desserts and table decoration for a baby shower or luncheon. Thanks to SheKnows for this carrot cake cupcakes on the go recipe and photo.

16. Homemade Pumpkin Butter

pumpkin butter jar

Stray from traditional jams by canning homemade pumpkin butter with your empty jars this fall. Spread it on toast or pancakes for a little zing of pumpkin flavor. When properly canned, you can enjoy the taste of fall year-round. Thanks to Meals Full Of Color for this pumpkin butter recipe and photo.

17. Chocolate Soy Mousse Parfait

chocolate mousse parfait jar

This parfait recipe has a special homemade touch with its original soy mousse and granola recipes. Customize this recipe to your liking with seasonal fruit or jam and you’ve got a tasty after-dinner treat. Thanks to The Boke Effect for the parfait with chocolate mousse recipe and photo.

18. Pumpkin Pie

pumpkin pie jar

Pumpkin pie is always a fan favorite during the holidays and now this classic dessert can be served without the need for plates or a pie server. Pumpkin pie in a jar is great for parties, plus the individual jars make nice table décor! Thanks to The Nerd’s Wife for this great idea and photo.

Mason Jar Drink Ideas

19. Cake Batter Milkshakes

cake batter milkshakes

Use a clean Mason jar to sip on a divine cake batter milkshake. A Beautiful Mess shares recipes for three different flavors so you can get your ice cream and cake fix all in one jar. Now you can have your cake batter milkshake and drink it too!

20. Mason Jar Cold Brewed Coffee

cold brew coffee jar

Start the day with a kick of cold brew coffee. This recipe for coffee concentrate is enough for up to four smooth, delicious coffee drinks. Served iced or hot, you’ll never go back to percolated once you see how easy it is to make coffee in a jar. Photos and instructions courtesy of The Zen of Making.

21. Pimm’s Cups

pimms cups mason jar

Serve this summer drink in style by utilizing Mason jars as glasses. Made with fresh fruit and a touch of fizz, this light, refreshing and fruity drink is the perfect picnic beverage. Just screw on a lid and your drink is picnic basket ready. Thanks to Brit+co. for this Pimm’s cup recipe and photo.

22. Cocktail Shaker

mason jar shaker

It’s not a cocktail party without a cocktail shaker. Whether you’re in a bind minutes before the start of a party or are just looking to get crafty, you can make your own shaker in minutes. Frock Files explains how to create a Mason jar cocktail shaker at home with just a jar and a drill.

23. Infused Alcohol

infused alcohol jar

Leftover jars can be used to make your own flavor-infused alcohol. There are a variety of options to blend with your favorite booze including herbs, fruits, spices, nuts and more. Northwest Life provides a thorough explanation of the different alcohol choices and the best ways to infuse your booze.

24. Party Glasses

party glasses in a jar

Repurpose your jars by turning them into party glasses. Don’t worry about mismatched jars because The Krazy Coupon Lady shows you how to use brightly colored cupcake liners to create a set of matching beverage glasses with a little flair. Pop in a straw and your guests will love these party-perfect Mason jar glasses.

More Ways to Use Jars in the Kitchen

25. Toothpick Dispenser

toothpick holder mason jar

Gone are the days of toothpicks spilling out of the tattered cardboard box in which you purchased them. This glass jar toothpick dispenser is much more functional, convenient, and free if you’ve got an extra jar sitting around. Thanks to Eclectic Recipes for the toothpick dispenser instructions and photo.

26. Chalkboard Spice Jars

chalkboard spice jars

Smaller jars such as those left over from baby food can be repurposed into an organized collection of beautifully-displayed spices. Raising Up Rubies explains how to use chalkboard spray paint and some wrapping paper to create a decorative display with easy-to-find spices in this chalkboard spice jars blog post.

27. Powdered Sugar Shaker

powdered sugar shaker

Topping off your breakfast French toast or waffles with a sprinkle of powdered sugar is what completes the perfect Sunday breakfast. This do-it-yourself project will not only save money on a shaker, but it also reuses one of your extra jars. Thanks to The Burlap Bag for the DIY powdered sugar shaker tutorial and photo.

28. Muffin Cup Storage

muffin cups storage

As soon as they come out of the packaging, muffin cups can get separated, bent, or flattened. Mel’s Kitchen Café shared an innovative idea to store muffin cups in Mason jars. Not only do the jars protect muffin cups, but they also make a nice display that helps you easily find what you need.

DIY Mason Jar Gifts

29. Cookie Mix in a Jar

cookie mix jars

Premade cookie mixes make great gifts and party favors. Use a Mason jar to beautifully display the layered ingredients and top it off with a nice note and a bow. Something Turquoise provides a recipe and printable labels to make the perfect Mason jar cookie mix favor.

30. Stylish Sock Jars

sweater sock vases

So cute and simple, this tutorial for DIY sweater vases will have you wondering “How come I didn’t think of that?” Thanks to the gals at Mondo Cherry for this ingenious idea and for sharing their photo.

31. Room Scents in a Jar

aromatherapy jar

Create your own aromas in jars using natural ingredients for a fresh-smelling room. What’s great about this idea is that there are no artificial ingredients and its lovely appearance adds to your home décor. The Yummy Life provides five natural room scent recipes from which to choose and enjoy.

Get Crafty With Mason Jars

32. Crayon Candle

crayon candle

The crayon candle is a fun DIY project for kids, plus you get a colorful candle at the end. Recycle both an extra jar and old or broken crayons while providing a learning experience for the kids. Check out the blog and chaos ensued for the easy instructions on how to make your own crayon candle.

33. Snow Globe

snow globe mason jar

Young and old alike enjoy snow globes, especially during the holidays. This craft is a surprisingly easy way to repurpose old jars whether you decide to add a personal touch for your holiday decorating or turn them into fun gifts. Thanks to Julie Ann Art for this Mason jar snow globe tutorial and photo.

34. Sewing Kit

mason jar sewing kit

This sewing kit in a jar is a handy addition to any sewing room and also makes a great gift idea. Momtastic explains how to make your own pincushion lid to top a jar of sewing essentials. Now you’ll be prepared in case of a button emergency!

35. Photo Frames

photo frame jars

Unused Mason jars can easily be made into photo frames simply by printing your favorite photos to the proper size. Jars with photos can be stood vertically or laid on the side for a versatile and unique display that stands out from the typical picture frame. Thanks to Photojojo for this great idea.

36. Twine, Ribbon, or Yarn Storage

twine storage

Creating twine holders out of Mason jars is quick and easy, plus they have a dispenser that makes it simple to grab what you need. By sorting your twine, ribbon, and yarn into jars, they will stay neat, clean, and untangled. Check out She’s Kinda Crafty for the Mason jar twine storage tutorial.

37. Advent Calendar

advent calendar

The daily surprise of an advent calendar is an enjoyable holiday tradition to count down the days in anticipation of Christmas. By using old jars, you can fill your reusable advent calendar with all kinds of treats and toys to surprise loved ones. Thanks to Studio DIY for this clever idea and advent calendar printables.

Use Jars in the Garden

38. Indoor Herb Garden

indoor herb garden

Put your extra jars to good use by growing herbs for convenient use right in your kitchen. Not only will the fresh herbs taste better, you’ll also have a cute display to brighten up your home. Thanks to Food, Family & Finds for this Mason jar indoor herb garden idea and photo.

39. Succulent Garden

jar terrarium

Turn your old Mason jar into a tiny garden of succulents. This portable terrarium is perfect for apartment living because it brightens up your home with fresh greenery and doesn’t require much water or upkeep. Thanks to One Project Closer for this succulent garden tutorial and photo.

40. Beachy Terrarium

beach terrarium

Commemorate your favorite beach vacation by displaying your collection of seashells and sea glass inside a Mason jar. This cottage-perfect décor will have you reliving sunny memories year-round, picnic-snatching seagulls need not apply. Thanks to mom 4 real for the beachy terrarium tutorial and photo.

How to Decorate With Mason Jars

41. Pendant Hanging Light

pendant lamp

You can create your own hanging lights with leftover Mason jars. This light makes a great bedside reading lamp, adding a vintage industrial look that compliments almost any décor. You can even use colored jars for mood lighting. Thanks to A Beach Cottage for the Mason jar pendant light tutorial and photo.

42. Hanging Jar Lanterns

hanging jar lanterns

Jars make beautiful displays for candles to set as table pieces or hang as lanterns. Brides-to-be and the less crafty will love this simple hanging lantern tutorial that doesn’t require crochet skills or a toolbox. Thanks to Brit+co. for this easy hanging jar lanterns tutorial and photo.

43. Pencil Holders

pencil jars

Use your empty Mason jars to organize pens, pencils, and the rest of your craft room with this easy pastel jar tutorial. With a little bit of paint, your mismatched jars become matching pencil holders that can brighten up any room. Thanks to Kootut murut for the pastel jar step-by-step instructions and photos.

44. Painted Vases

painted vases

Why purchase expensive, colorful vases when you can just make them yourself? Add a pop of color to your jars with a little bit of paint to create these adorable flower vases. Little Miss Momma teaches you how to repurpose old glass jars and bottles into painted Mason jar vases.

45. Mason Jar Monogram Light

monogram light

Display your favorite letter proudly with this monogram light that uses Mason jars as bulb covers. This piece is decorative and functional and can be customized with different colored paints and other knick-knacks. Thanks to Oleander and Palm for the unique Mason jar monogram light idea and tutorial.

46. Mini Blender

mason jar blender

Most standard-sized jars fit the threading of a blender blade. This means you can use a jar instead of your blender’s heavy glass jug to make small, personal-sized smoothies or for chopping up a small handful of nuts. Thanks to Small Home Big Start for the useful tip and photos.

47. Soap Dispenser

soap dispenser

Replace your disposable plastic soap dispenser and add a rustic touch to your bathroom with this fabulous Mason jar soap dispenser. Get started on this craft with just a few small hand tools and a soap pump. Thanks to Blissfully Content for the canning jar soap dispenser instructions and photo.

48. Storage for Matches

matches jar

Using a glass jar to store matches keeps them safe and dry, plus it’s easy to see when you’re getting low. This quick project results in easily dispensed matches with a striking surface for a lid. How convenient! Thanks to The Burlap Bag for the Mason jar match storage tutorial and photo.

49. Bathroom Organizer

bathroom organizer

Jars are very convenient when it comes to organization. This handy wall organizer helps save counter space and provides a clean display of everything you need. DIY Playbook provides step-by-step instructions to create this Mason jar organizer which makes a great accent piece for your bathroom.

50. Rustic Wall Piece

rustic wall mason jar

Mix and match your favorite jars to create a hanging wall piece that can be customized with vintage knobs and your favorite flowers. This versatile piece can be displayed both indoors and outdoors. Yesterday’s Sweetheart explains how to create this Mason jar wall piece with a DIY tutorial and photos.

Go Jar Wild

Now that you’re officially inspired, it’s time to dig those used jars out of the recycle bin and get crafty with them. Make a snack or treat, or dive right in with your power tools to construct a magnificent new decorative piece for your home.

Plus, every mason jar deserves a personal touch. Perhaps you’re part of large family and the kids are constantly shouting, “that’s mine!” Put an end to sibling disputes and add your own twist to these ideas by adding their names to their very own jar – a great way to add creativity to these already amazing ideas. You can make a small change to the concept, personalize it with your own name, and make a whole new idea the whole family will love.

Have you ever put Mason jars to use in creative ways? Share your ideas with us by leaving a comment below.