The average person creates 4.3 pounds of waste per day—added up, that’s a lot of trash coming out of one household! Not to mention that this number has only increased over the decades. What if you already recycle, but are still wondering if you can do more?

If you’re looking to improve your daily waste habits and have fun while doing it, we compiled 40 new and interesting ways you can reuse any recyclable in your home. Covering plastic, glass, paper and aluminum, the ideas include fun arts & crafts projects to home hacks.


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Upgrade your trash

Excited to find new ways to protect the planet—and have fun while doing it? Reusing your recyclables can act as a fun arts and crafts project or to add helpful home improvements. For even more ideas to keep stuff out of the trash, look at our list of 50 upcycling ideas for inspiration.

While you save your recyclables and save money, browse our personalized home decor to pair with your upcycled creations.