Thanks to shows like The Office and New Girl, pranks have become a part of the daily life among roommates and friends. Contrary to what our teens might think, even parents like to get in on a good joke. After 364 days of nurturing, herding, cajoling, chauffeuring, and picking up after our loved ones, it’s nice to have a day where we can take a break to play with our family and just be silly together.

If you’re ready to surprise someone you love with a playful April Fools’ Day Prank, these 20 creative suggestions are sure to have you in stitches, and your “victims” rolling their eyes at you until next week.

Find The Perfect Prank

Cover the sensor so the cursor won't detect the mouse's movements.

Tape airhorn to chair. Watch victim jump through the ceiling.

A most foul mix of candies.

Stuff toilet paper into your kids' shoes.

Why can't I pick this coin up?

Without your child knowing, tape a sign that says, “Honk and wave to x, he doesn't know this is here!”

Exercise your lungs for the sake of comedy.

Rather than making them brownies, make them brown “E's.”

Cleanliness is something your prankee will go without.

Expecting water to fall on their hands, it will instead spray them in the face.

It's like solving a puzzle just to answer a phone call.

“Where are my shoes?” You hear them ask as you laugh to yourself.

Just unplug it and plug it back in.

If the coffee didn't wake them up, turning on their car certainly will.

Get a fishing pole, some string and tape, and you're going to have a lot of fun.

Make your kids think they've been sleepwalking.

Confuse your fellow motorists during the morning commute.

“Is this real life?” is what will run through your child's mind.

Rearrange your coworker's keyboard letters for hilarious confusion.

Replace the Oreo filling with toothpaste