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“Raising a happy, healthy child is a piece of cake,” said no parent ever.

From toddler tantrums to teen cliques, parenting at all stages takes a tremendous amount of love and effort. Like most things in life, there is no magic formula for giving your son or daughter the best possible foundation for success.

However, a few well-timed hints or tips from professionals and other parents can provide you with peace of mind, renewed energy, and additional tools in your effective parenting artillery.

But where do you find the most reliable resources? As a parent, you have likely received advice and opinions from a variety of individuals. Everyone from your great-aunt Shirley to your next-door neighbor likes to offer words of wisdom on how to get Johnny to sleep or Sarah to start eating vegetables. You may have even been given the ubiquitous Dr. Spock manual on practical parenting. It can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, we’ve made your job a little easier by compiling a list of trained and experienced individuals to follow on Twitter. They serve as a community of voices to draw from, whether they are pediatricians (or “Tweetiatricians”) who back up everything with research or parents who’ve been there. These accounts offer a wealth of up-to-date information on parenting problems, right at your fingertips, when you need it most – whether you’re teaching the value of sharing gifts or getting the kids ready again for school.

The list is not ranked, because all of these experts are equally valuable in their own right. To give you a head start, here is some sage advice from some of the parenting experts listed below:

  • “Establish guidelines and stick to them.” – Michele Borba, Ed.D.
  • “Use extreme caution…Whatever you say in the kitchen goes into your kid’s ears and can come out on the computer screen – and go viral!” – Sue Scheff
  • “Your child is acting like a child because he is one.” – Dr. Laura Markham
  • “Offer root beer right after the medicine–it works as a great chaser to cover up yucky tastes.” – Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson
  • “Assuming the caregiver role includes building a bridge back to yourself.” – Mark Banschick, MD
  • “So much of one stage of life seems to help prepare you for another, and I can’t be certain, but I think surviving the toddler stage gives you hope for making it out alive from the teenage years.” – Susan McLean

Whether raising toddlers or teens, here is the list of experts to start following today:

  1. Amy Wright Glenn – @amywrightglenn
  2. Dr. Beth Onufrak – @DrBethKids
  3. The Baby Spot – @thebabyspotca
  4. Cloth Diaper Guru – @ClothDiaperGuru
  5. Dad On The Run – @DadOnRun
  6. Daily Mom – @dailymomtweets
  7. KidNimble – @Kidnimble
  8. Dr. Heather Pena OTR – @DrPtheOT
  9. Lauren Kossack – @EpiFamily
  10. Ask A Great Dad – @Askagreatdad
  11. MamaOT – @mamaotblog
  12. John Kinnear – @askdadblog
  13. Linda Mastroianni – @Speaking_Autism
  14. Jane Evans – @janeparenting
  15. Dr Christina Hibbert – @DrCHibbert
  16. Andrea Strang – @KinderSleep
  17. Dr. Sheldon Horowitz – @LD_Expert
  18. Laura Henry – @LauraChildcare
  19. Successful SingleMom – @SingleMomBooks
  20. Help We’ve Got Kids – @HelpWeveGotKids
  21. Dr. M. White-McMahon – @AskDrMeredith
  22. Cindy Anderson, Ph.D – @hopesbc
  23. Harley Rotbart, M.D. – @NoRegretsParent
  24. Ricky Y. Choi MD MPH – @rychoiMD
  25. Deborah Gilboa, MD – @AskDocG
  26. Gail Terp – @GailTerp
  27. Dr. Claire McCarthy – @drClaire
  28. Welcome Baby Care – @babycaretweets
  29. Gill Connell – @MovingSmartNow
  30. Dr. Daniel Flanders – @drflanders
  31. Chris Efessiou – @ChiefDaddyOfcr
  32. Dr Rosina McAlpine – @DrRosina
  33. Parent Pretty – @parentpretty
  34. Ava Parnass – @ListenToMePleas
  35. TalkingTeenage – @TalkingTeenage
  36. Susan McLean – @NoDomesticDiva
  37. Mark Banschick, M.D. – @MarkBanschickMD
  38. Dora Cheung – @OGTutor
  39. Vicki Panaccione – @AskDrVicki
  40. Laura Berg – @MySmartHands
  41. Steve Reifman – @stevereifman
  42. Dr. Laura Markham – @DrLauraMarkham
  43. Nick Bennett – @peds_id_doc
  44. Ourfamilyworld – @OurFamilyWorld
  45. Kathleen Berchelmann – @MomDocKathleen
  46. WendySueSwanson MD – @SeattleMamaDoc
  47. PEP – @PEPParent
  48. Stress Free Kids – @StressFreeKids
  49. Twiniversity – @Twiniversity
  50. Tamara Soles, PhD – @DrTamaraSoles
  51. Dr. Russell Hyken – @DrHyken
  52. Daniel J. Siegel – @DrDanSiegel
  53. Melissa Taylor – @ImaginationSoup
  54. Wendy Young,LMSW,BCD – @Kidlutions
  55. Amy McCready – @AmyMcCreadyPPS
  56. Dr. David Palmiter – @HelpingParents
  57. Dr. Nancy Berk – @nancyberk
  58. Regarding Baby – @lisasunbury
  59. Thomas Hobson – @TheTeacherTom
  60. Dr. Michele Borba – @micheleborba
  61. Uriah Guilford – @helpthiskid
  62. Rachel Simmons – @RachelJSimmons
  63. Baby Bottom Line – @BabyBottomLine
  64. Natasha Burgert – @DoctorNatasha
  65. Dr. Imig Huffman – @DrJenHuffman
  66. Richard Louv – @RichLouv
  67. Annie Fox, M.Ed. – @Annie_Fox
  68. The Kid’s Doctor – @TheKidsDoctor
  69. Lenore Skenazy – @FreeRangeKids
  70. Susan Stiffelman – @susanstiffelman
  71. Susan Newman, Ph.D. – @SusanNewmanPhD
  72. Melinda Blau – @melindablau
  73. BabyCenter – @BabyCenter
  74. Dr. Jennifer Shu – @LivingWellDoc
  75. Dr. Lynne Kenney – @DrLynneKenney
  76. Michael Grose – @michaelgrose
  77. Sue Atkins – @SueAtkins
  78. Jennifer Wagner – @jenwag57
  79. Rosalind Wiseman – @RosalindWiseman
  80. Dr Kim, MD – @DrKimMD
  81. Jennifer McGrail – @blessdwith4
  82. annecollier – @annecollier
  83. MomsRising – @MomsRising
  84. Scary Mommy – @ScaryMommy
  85. Mia Redrick – @MIA_REDRICK
  86. KaBOOM! – @kaboom
  87. Alyson Schafer – @alysonschafer
  88. Ronit Baras – @ronitbaras
  89. sarahnewton – @sarahnewton
  90. Sue Scheff – @SueScheff
  91. Mike Sevilla, MD – @drmikesevilla
  92. Daily Parenting Tip – @DailyParentTip
  93. PBS Parents – @pbsparents
  94. Deborah Tillman – @DeborahLTillman
  95. Dr. Leah Klungness – @Dr_Leah
  96. Dr. Robyn Silverman – @DrRobyn
  97. Dr. Tanya R. Altmann – @DrMommyCalls
  98. Justin Morgan, MD – @JustinMorganMD
  99. Sarah Maizes – @SarahMaizes
  100. Marva Soogrim – @MarvaSoogrim

Looking for all of these parenting experts in one place? Check out this Twitter list!