Cookie Jars and Treat Jars

Who wants a cookie? Make cookies temptingly available with personalized cookie jar at Personal Creations. Plus checkout our unique treat jars that are perfect for storing candies, nuts, and other goodies in your kitchen, family room or office. You are just clicks away from a wide selection of custom-made cookie jars and treat jars that suit all tastes.
Birthday Treat Jar
57 reviews
Turkey Platter
22 reviews
Large Photo Treat Jar
96 reviews
Glass Pet Treat Jar
12 reviews
Nuts About You Pistachio Jar
99 reviews
Tender Heart Platter
184 reviews
Man Cave Snack Jar
13 reviews
Teacher Apple Treat Jar
20 reviews
Graduation Treat Jar
34 reviews
Give Thanks Turkey Platter
4 reviews
Halloween Sweets Platter
2 reviews
Christmas Sweets Cookie Jar
44 reviews

Overall Rating
The products above have an average rating of 4.5 / 5.0 from 844 reviews