Holiday Gift Wrap and Potato Stamp

‘Tis the season for gifts … and gift wrapping! You want your gifts to look festive and fun, but without spending a ton of money on wrapping paper. So, create your own! This simple process is fun and will give you delightfully wrapped gifts under your tree this holiday season.

But no wrapped up surprise is complete until it has a gift tag. Whether the gift is from you, or from Santa, use one of our great printable ones to finish off your do-it-yourself holiday decoration.


Holiday Gift Wrap and Potato Stamp Supplies

– roll of brown Kraft paper (or other large paper suitable for wrapping)

– potato

– scissor

– paint

– small paint brush

– sharp knife (for cutting potato)

– Personal Creations potato stamp printable shapes

– Personal Creations printable gift tags


How to create your potato stamp:

1. Cut out each shape on the Personal Creations printables page.

Holiday Gift Wrap Potato Stamp Cutout Instructions

2. Cut your potato in half.

Holiday Gift Wrap And Potato Stamp Instructions

3. Press the first shape onto the potato and “trace” around it with your knife. Remove the paper. Your trace cut should be about ¼” to ½” deep. Then, slice your potato sideways, carving around your shape to leave it protruding.

Holiday Gift Wrap and Potato Stamp Instructions

4. Paint the shape that you’ve created on your potato.

Holiday Wrapping Paper and Potato Stamp Instructions

5. Using your potato as a stamp, press it on to the paper however you’d like to make your design.

Holiday Wrapping Paper and Potato Stamp Instructions

6. Cut out one of our fun gift tags, fill out the “To” and “From”, and you’re done!

Holiday Gift Tags

You can repeat the process with another shape by using the other half of your potato. Have fun!

Holiday Gift Wrap and Potato Stamp

Click on the images below for full sized printable PDFs.

Printable Photo Stamp CutoutsPrintable Holiday Gift Tags

Printable Gift Wrap Decorations

Holiday Gift Wrap and Gift Tags