Making time for date night can be difficult, especially when so many other responsibilities can get in the way. Since it is so important to keep the romance alive, we came up with a few date ideas to shake up your night together. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or just a casual night out, we have a few ideas for you. Use the buttons below to select what type of date you are looking for and the price point you have in mind.

We also made a printable list of date ideas that you can cut out and use to create a date jar or simply save and share for when you need a little romantic inspiration.

Date Night Ideas

Picnic at sunset

Pack a picnic basket with a charcuterie board, mini desserts and some bubbly. Finding a spot with a nice overlook of a beautiful sunset will be the perfect ending to a lovely date.

Drinks and appetizers

Is there an expensive new restaurant in town you have been dying to try? Check it out at happy hour! Sample their cocktail menu and split an appetizer to get a taste without breaking your budget.

Painting or drawing course

Sign up for a painting or drawing course together. Learning something new with your partner is a great way to celebrate a landmark in your relationship.

Recreational sports league

Check community boards and social media to see if their are any casual kickball, softball or volleyball leagues that you can join together. Couples that sweat together stay together!

Drive-in movie

There is something inherently romantic about drive-in movies. Pack your favorite snacks and a blanket so you can cuddle up and enjoy!

Wine and cheese tasting

If you are a foodie, check to see if your local wine bar has any wine and cheese pairing classes. Not only do you get to try delicious wine and cheese, but you will also learn something together!


For the adventure-seeking couples, strap on your parachute and get ready to fly! You are sure to be soaring with an adrenaline rush for the rest of the day.

Outdoor concert

Check to see if any of your favorite bands are on tour and performing nearby. Nothing says summertime like an outdoor concert.


If you are looking to give back, try it with your partner! All of the good feelings are sure to bring you closer together.

Cooking class

Try a cooking class at your favorite restaurant. You will learn to make something delicious together that you can whip out for another date night!

Swing dancing class

Whether you are the belle of the ball or have two left feet, swing-dancing is sure to be a blast. Plus, you will feel like a rockstar when you have the chance to whip out your new dance moves!

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If you are in a dating rut, try something outside of your comfort zone like paintball. The competitive atmosphere might bring out your playful side!


Try spending time outside in nature together. Hiking is a great way to relax and unwind while also getting good exercise.

Helicopter tour

If a big anniversary is coming up and you are looking for a way to make the day extra special, try a helicopter tour! Your city might be even more beautiful from above.


For a fun but affordable way to spend a day on the water, go kayaking! Bring your bathing suits for romantic swimming breaks.

Go to a psychic

See what your future holds! You can visit a psychic individually or as a couple for a mystical evening.

Batting cage

Whether you are the next Jackie Robinson or have never swung a bat, batting cages can be a really fun way to spend a few hours outside.


Research the different types of birds in your neighborhood and then spend an afternoon in nature trying to see who can spot the most species!


Throw it back to high school and putt putt the night away. The friendly competition will have you giggling your way through the course.

Summer carnival

Spend the evening walking through your local fair. Take a photo at the top of the ferris wheel if you are brave enough!

Baseball game

Support your home team at the baseball stadium. Don’t forget to get some hot dogs and cracker jacks!


Take in the world from a different angle by repelling down a cliff! The adrenaline rush will have you both filled with excitement.

Sailing lessons

Take on the high seas! Learn to sail and you can spend your weekends exploring the coast together.

Trivia night

If you love watching game shows, this is the date idea for you! Check if your favorite bar has a trivia night. Many bars and restaurants also offer deals or prizes to the winners.

Ghost tour

Take a ghost tour in your town. You will learn some cool history, get a little exercise and see how brave your partner is!

Visit the aquarium

If you are looking to escape the summer heat, visit the local aquarium and spend a few hours learning more about what happens under the sea.

Create a custom scent together

Check and see if there is a local perfumery in your town. If there isn’t and you want to create a custom scent for your home, blend your favorite essential oils!

Craft beer crawl

The craft beer scene is exploding across the country! Get on the bandwagon (if you’re not already) and learn more about the difference between stouts, ales and lagers.

Find a food festival

Whether you are into fine dining or prefer fast casual, spending an afternoon snacking your way through a festival is a great way to celebrate a birthday.

Have a cookie bake-off

If you are looking to spend a night in together, why not spend it baking? Make your favorite cookies and see who will be the next Master Chef of your household.

Scope out garage sales on a Saturday

Go treasure hunting through your neighborhood by visiting all of the garage sales in your area.

Build something together

If you need a new table or your bookshelf has started to lean, why not try building a new one together? You might be impressed by what you can accomplish.

Try to set a world record

How neat would it be to set a world record together! See what records are yet to be set by visiting the Guinness World Records page.

Fly a kite

Relive your childhood on a windy day by flying a kite together.

Make your own glamour shots

Get dressed up in your best dress or silly outfits and have a photo shoot together. Not only will you be laughing all night, but you will also have some great photos!

Visit a museum

Check out what exhibits are currently happening in your local museums. Many also have free programming so be sure to check their community calendar.

Go sightseeing

Play a tourist for the day and check out all of the local sites. You might find yourself more in love with your partner and your city.

Go for a bike ride

Take in some fresh air on two wheels. You can also pack a picnic and stop at a scenic spot on your ride.

Try the fanciest restaurant in town

If you have a big occasion to celebrate, make a reservation at the fancy restaurant you have been wanting to try.

Rent a speed boat for the day

Spend a day exploring your city by sea! Pack a hat, lots of sunscreen and easy snacks to enjoy a day on the water.

Take a spontaneous trip to another state

If you are trying to decide how to spend your weekend, why not go on a quick day trip? Spontaneity can lead to the best memories!

Relive your first date

Take a literal stroll down memory lane by reliving your first date. See how different it feels this time around.

Hot-air balloon ride

Floating in the sky with a glass of champagne is not only a beautifully serene way to celebrate your anniversary, it will also allow for the most picturesque photos for your family album.

Local minor league sporting events

Root for your city’s minor league soccer, baseball or hockey team! Sporting events are a great way to mix-up date night and minor league tickets won’t break the bank.

Dinner to-go

Order take-out from your favorite local spot and dine al fresco in a local park.


Try brunch at your favorite restaurant for a fun daytime date. Daytime menus tend to also be more affordable than evening options.

Sip and paint classes

Instead of trying a sip and paint class with your girlfriends, get your partner involved! It will be fun to see their creative talents and you will have two fun wall hangings.

Learn to roast coffee

Gourmet coffee is all the rage these days. Why not learn to roast your own together? Coffee shops and restaurants hold roasting classes and tastings so you can learn more about the world’s favorite bean.

Try partner yoga

Learn to depend on one another in a completely different way! Partner yoga will help exercise your muscles and your mind as well as help build trust.

Go to a piano bar

The sultry scene at a piano bar will be sure to have you feeling romantic. Order a classic old school cocktail and get a little dressed up for the occasion.

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